2004-07-15 Eric KohlImplement RtlAddAuditAccessAceEx().
2004-07-15 James TaborClear Partition0 DriveNotReady, for Removable Media.
2004-07-15 Art Yerkesoskittcp: fixed handling of uio in send.
2004-07-15 Art YerkesSmall changes to debug output in catalog, handle, upcall.
2004-07-14 Steven Edwardsadded Spanish translation by Carlos Garcia Gomez.
2004-07-14 Steven EdwardsWarn rather than bail on HWND_MESSAGE windows
2004-07-14 Filip Navara- Accidently commited this file with my last patch...
2004-07-14 Filip Navara- Add FIXME comment to LoadIconImage.
2004-07-14 Filip Navara- Change the prototype of DIB_*_BitBlt* functions to...
2004-07-14 Steven EdwardsSync msacm32 with Winehq cvs. will merge my tweaks...
2004-07-14 Steven EdwardsUse Bitstream Vera Sans for Helv subsititute. This...
2004-07-14 Steven EdwardsAdded licensing page to usetup.
2004-07-14 Eric Kohl- Move access checks from NtAccessCheck() to SeAccessCh...
2004-07-14 Gé van GeldorpSplit "old-style Win 3.1" file dialog into 16 and 32...
2004-07-14 Filip Navara- Revert part of my last TLS patch.
2004-07-13 Eric KohlFirst experimental implementstion of NtAccessCheck().
2004-07-13 Eric KohlMove some access rights so they are usable form kernel...
2004-07-13 Eric KohlRtlImpersonateSelf(): Set impersonation level in call...
2004-07-13 Eric KohlNtOpenThreadToken() opens the thread token if OpenAsSel...
2004-07-13 Eric KohlNtDuplicateToken() must create and return a handle...
2004-07-13 James TaborForce a rebuild of the partition table if it already...
2004-07-12 Gé van GeldorpSetLogonNotifyWindow is now implemented
2004-07-12 Gé van GeldorpFix RestartDialog() and RestartDialogEx() prototypes
2004-07-12 Gé van GeldorpRobert Shearman <>
2004-07-12 Gé van GeldorpFix syntax problem for some windres versions
2004-07-12 Gé van GeldorpIlya Korniyko <>
2004-07-12 Gé van GeldorpUse string resources for ExitWindowsDialog() and Restar...
2004-07-12 Gé van GeldorpMarcus Meissner <>
2004-07-12 Gé van GeldorpShutdown step 1: inform winlogon (forgotten file)
2004-07-12 Gé van GeldorpShutdown step 1: inform winlogon
2004-07-12 Eric KohlReplace hardcoded values by new constants.
2004-07-12 Thomas Bluemelforgot to export 2 functions
2004-07-12 Thomas Bluemelimplementation of HidD_GetHidGuid()
2004-07-12 Thomas Bluemeladded stubs for the Hid User Library (hid.dll)
2004-07-12 Eric KohlDefine missing PNTSTATUS.
2004-07-12 Eric KohlFix NtAccessCheck() prototype.
2004-07-12 Thomas Bluemelsimplified dynamic loading of dlls
2004-07-11 Thomas Bluemelremoved wrong comments
2004-07-11 Thomas Bluemeldo not statically link to ole32.dll, import the functio...
2004-07-11 Gé van GeldorpUse default PATHEXT if none found in environment
2004-07-11 Gé van GeldorpJens Collin <>
2004-07-11 Eric KohlAdd missing security constants.
2004-07-11 Eric KohlFix typo in SetSecurityDescriptorOwner().
2004-07-11 Thomas Bluemelregister the winlogon application directly after startup
2004-07-11 Filip Navara- Fixed locking in NtGdiGetCharWidth32. This caused...
2004-07-10 Thomas Bluemeladded a key security editor (not yet working properly)
2004-07-10 Thomas Bluemeladded some missing definitions
2004-07-10 Gero Kuehnadded SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
2004-07-10 Gero Kuehnfixed PROPSHEETHEADER nPages calculation
2004-07-10 Gero Kuehncopied HalRequestSoftwareInterrupt from uniproc irql...
2004-07-10 Steven Edwardsadded expand.exe and msvfw32.dll to the build.
2004-07-10 Gé van GeldorpRoll back __USE_W32API test, add _tsplitpath definition
2004-07-10 Steven EdwardsAdded msvfw32 ported from Wine. This fixes bug 388.
2004-07-10 Eric KohlFix default DACL of the logon token.
2004-07-10 Steven EdwardsRemoved Microsoft code.
2004-07-10 Hartmut Birr- Implemented NtQueryVirtualMemory for unallocated...
2004-07-10 Thomas Bluemelexport GetSecurityInfo()
2004-07-10 Eric KohlCreate group SIDs for logon token.
2004-07-10 Eric KohlFix RtlEqualSid().
2004-07-10 Hartmut Birr- Fixed the return value in VirtualQueryEx if NtQueryVi...
2004-07-10 Hartmut Birr- Fixed the comparing of video modes in IntInitScreenInfo.
2004-07-09 Gé van GeldorpFindWindow() should search the threads desktop, not...
2004-07-09 Filip Navara- Implementation of [NtGdi]GetTextFace[W] and [NtGdi...
2004-07-09 Thomas Bluemeladded skeleton for acledit.dll
2004-07-09 Filip Navara- Some application depend on Info->RegionSize set by...
2004-07-09 Filip Navara- Handle UnsafeRect == NULL case in NtUserGetUpdateRect.
2004-07-09 Filip Navara- Since LookupAccountSidA is unimplemented, but returns...
2004-07-09 Filip Navara- DrawIcon should return TRUE if it succeeds.
2004-07-09 Filip Navara- Display window icon only if there is any.
2004-07-09 Filip Navara- Corrected the obtaining of TLS callbacks address.
2004-07-09 Filip Navara- Fixed dispatching of nested exceptions.
2004-07-09 Filip Navara- Added ordinal numbers.
2004-07-09 Thomas Bluemelset the control focus when clicking on it
2004-07-08 Gé van GeldorpFix lib/rosrtl compilation
2004-07-08 Eric KohlRegister the logon process.
2004-07-08 Eric KohlFix RegisterLogonProcess().
2004-07-08 Filip Navara- Honor the "Extended" bit in SetKeyState.
2004-07-08 Thomas Bluemeladded a very basic timer queue test program
2004-07-08 Art YerkesFixed OskitTCPSend prototype.
2004-07-08 Art YerkesFixed for TCPIP
2004-07-08 Thomas Bluemelfixed debug output
2004-07-08 Thomas BluemelFixed handling of NULL arguments in ChangeDisplaySettin...
2004-07-08 Thomas Bluemel1. implemented the timer queue functions of kernel32...
2004-07-07 Gé van GeldorpAdd command-line shutdown/logoff utility
2004-07-07 Filip Navara- Updated system colors.
2004-07-07 Filip Navara- Use LinBytesPerScanLine (value for linar framebuffer...
2004-07-07 Filip Navara- Return image name in SymGetModuleInfo since some...
2004-07-07 Thomas Bluemeladded missing cvsignore file
2004-07-07 Filip Navara- Don't create XLATEOBJ for BitBlt and StretchBlt opera...
2004-07-07 Filip Navara- Fixed ExcludeClipRgn for case when DC contained no...
2004-07-07 Filip Navara- Handle allocation failure in IntCreateBitmap.
2004-07-07 Filip Navara- Imporved implementation of UnhandledExceptionFilter.
2004-07-07 Filip Navara- Fixed NtQueryInformationProcess to return STATUS_NOT_...
2004-07-07 Filip Navara- Fixed RtlUnwind to correctly remove SEH frames and...
2004-07-07 Filip Navara- Add VBE video mode registry. (Gerard Gatineau asked...
2004-07-07 Eric KohlImplement environment variable dialog.
2004-07-07 Gé van GeldorpSet default (Administrator) privileges when logging on
2004-07-07 Gé van GeldorpSilence debug messages
2004-07-06 Gé van GeldorpImplement LookupPrivilegeValueW for local machine