2015-11-01 Pierre Schweitzer[VFATLIB]
2015-11-01 Amine Khaldi[TRANSLATIONS] Malay translation by Henry Tang Ih....
2015-11-01 Amine Khaldi[USER32] Improve the FILE header section. Brought to...
2015-11-01 Thomas Faber[FASTFAT]
2015-10-31 Hermès Bélusca... [NTVDM]: Correctly compute the command-line length...
2015-10-31 Hermès Bélusca... [MSCONFIG_NEW]: Remove trailing whitespace.
2015-10-31 Daniel Reimer[CHARMAP] text is clipped in russian translation by...
2015-10-31 Daniel Reimer[TRANSLATION] Updating Turkish Translation by Erdem...
2015-10-31 Daniel Reimer[TRANSLATION] Romanian resources maintenance by Ștefan...
2015-10-31 Daniel Reimer[RAPPS]
2015-10-31 Hermès Bélusca... [MSCONFIG_NEW]
2015-10-31 Timo Kreuzer[WIN32K]
2015-10-31 Timo Kreuzer[WIN32K]
2015-10-31 James Tabor[User32_wineTest]
2015-10-31 Amine Khaldi[PSDK] Comment commctrl.h preprocessor conditions in...
2015-10-31 Hermès Bélusca... Fix build.
2015-10-31 Hermès Bélusca... [PSDK]
2015-10-31 Timo Kreuzer[GDI32_APITEST]
2015-10-31 Eric Kohl[NTOSKRNL]
2015-10-31 Timo Kreuzer[GDI32_APITEST]
2015-10-31 Thomas Faber[SHDOCVW]
2015-10-31 Pierre Schweitzer[NTOSKNRL]
2015-10-31 Eric Kohl[NTOSKRNL]
2015-10-31 Timo Kreuzer[WIN32K]
2015-10-31 Timo Kreuzer[NTOSKRNL]
2015-10-31 Amine Khaldi[EXT2FS] Do not define _X86_ unconditionally. Spotted...
2015-10-30 Hermès Bélusca... [MSCONFIG_NEW]: Add a search/find dialog (needed for...
2015-10-30 Amine Khaldi[NETWORKING] Add some needed registry entries on tcpip...
2015-10-30 Amine Khaldi[NETWORKING] Add protocol and network files and add...
2015-10-30 Pierre Schweitzer[NTOSKRNL]
2015-10-30 Thomas Faber[WLDAP32]
2015-10-30 Amine Khaldi[CMAKE/GCC] Set O2 and define NDEBUG for GCC release...
2015-10-30 Amine Khaldi[CMAKE/GCC] Override the INIT flags for Debug and Relea...
2015-10-30 Amine Khaldi[CMAKE] Print the build type so it's clearly visible...
2015-10-30 Hermès Bélusca... [MSCONFIG_NEW]: Reorder the dialogs in the order they...
2015-10-29 Hermès Bélusca... [MSCONFIG_NEW]: Update the "system.ini"/"win.ini" page...
2015-10-29 Eric Kohl[NTOSKRNL]
2015-10-29 Robert Naumann[EXPLORER] -First commit of my Explorer work. -Remove...
2015-10-29 Eric Kohl[LSASRV]
2015-10-28 Hermès Bélusca... [FATTEN]
2015-10-28 Thomas Faber[WIN32K:NTUSER]
2015-10-28 Thomas Faber[NTOS:IO]
2015-10-28 Thomas Faber[NTOS:IO]
2015-10-28 Cameron Gutman[AFD]
2015-10-28 Cameron Gutman[PCIX]
2015-10-28 Aleksandar... [NTVDM]
2015-10-27 Aleksandar... [NTVDM]
2015-10-27 Hermès Bélusca... Shut up Mr. GCC.
2015-10-27 Hermès Bélusca... [MSCONFIG_NEW]
2015-10-27 Thomas Faber[KMTESTS:IO]
2015-10-27 Sylvain Petreolle[RAPPS]
2015-10-26 Hermès Bélusca... [MSCONFIG_NEW]: Fix header (and build).
2015-10-26 Hermès Bélusca... [SERVMAN]
2015-10-26 Hermès Bélusca... Add msconfig_new in the list of compiled modules, for...
2015-10-26 Hermès Bélusca... [MSCONFIG_NEW]
2015-10-26 Sylvain PetreolleDisable mmdevapi from build.
2015-10-26 Hermès Bélusca... [COMSUPP]: Use "operator new" and "operator delete...
2015-10-26 Eric Kohl[NTOSKRNL][LSASRV]
2015-10-26 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHELL32]
2015-10-26 Giannis Adamopoulos[SHELL32]
2015-10-26 Ged Murphy[WMVCORE]
2015-10-26 Thomas Faber[USER32_APITEST]
2015-10-26 Giannis Adamopoulos[WIN32K]
2015-10-26 Thomas Faber[USER32_APITEST]
2015-10-26 Thomas Faber[USER32_APITEST]
2015-10-26 Ged Murphy[DEVMGR]
2015-10-26 Thomas Faber[ATL]
2015-10-26 Ged Murphy[DEVMGR]
2015-10-25 Hermès Bélusca... A parenthesis trolled me.
2015-10-25 Hermès Bélusca... [ATL]
2015-10-25 Hermès Bélusca... [ATL]
2015-10-25 Ged Murphy[DEVMGR]
2015-10-25 Amine Khaldi[UNIATA] Update to v45j1. CORE-10189
2015-10-25 Hermès Bélusca... [ATL]: Use _AtlGetConversionACP() instead of hadcoded...
2015-10-25 Eric Kohl[NTOSKRNL][LSASRV]
2015-10-25 Daniel Reimer[FONTS]
2015-10-25 Thomas Faber[NTDLL:LDR]
2015-10-25 Amine Khaldi[FREETYPE] Update to v2.6.1. CORE-10378
2015-10-25 Amine Khaldi[WIN32K] Use FreeType inclusion macros.
2015-10-25 Thomas Faber[SHELL32]
2015-10-25 Amine Khaldi[CRT] Remove second semicolon. Spotted by Michael Frits...
2015-10-25 Amine Khaldi[LAUTUS.MSSSTYLES] French translation by Eliott Lavier...
2015-10-25 Amine Khaldi[MSCONFIG_NEW][DEVMGR] Turkish translation update by...
2015-10-25 Amine Khaldi[MSCONFIG_NEW] Fix duplicate IDD_FREELDR_PAGE dialog...
2015-10-25 Amine Khaldi[HDWWIZ][NEWDEV] Fix mismatched titles. By Jared Smudde...
2015-10-25 Pierre Schweitzer[EXT2]
2015-10-25 Amine Khaldi[WMVCORE] Import from Wine Staging 1.7.47. CORE-10400
2015-10-25 Amine Khaldi[PSDK] Import wmsbuffer.idl and wmsdkidl.idl from Wine...
2015-10-25 Pierre Schweitzer[CRT]
2015-10-25 Pierre Schweitzer[CRT]
2015-10-25 Pierre Schweitzer[CRT_APITEST]
2015-10-24 Pierre Schweitzer[CRT_APITEST]
2015-10-24 Thomas Faber[WIN32K:NTUSER]
2015-10-24 Thomas Faber[WIN32K:NTUSER]
2015-10-24 Thomas Faber[WIN32K:NTUSER]
2015-10-24 Thomas Faber[ATL]
2015-10-24 Sylvain Petreolle[CONFIGURE]
2015-10-24 Pierre Schweitzer[SHELL32]
2015-10-24 Pierre Schweitzer[SHELL32]
2015-10-24 Pierre Schweitzer[SETUPAPI]