2003-12-21 Emanuele AlibertiMinor changes to make the posix module partially compile.
2003-12-21 Thomas Bluemelremoved support for double clicks
2003-12-21 Martin Fuchsreactivated work around for Z-order problem on Wine
2003-12-21 Filip NavaraCorrected debug message.
2003-12-21 Filip NavaraBug fixes.
2003-12-21 Filip NavaraFixed problems with caret moving in edit control.
2003-12-21 Thomas BluemelAdded missing definition of IsDialogMessageA()
2003-12-21 Thomas Bluemelsmall fixes
2003-12-21 Martin Fuchsuse icon with alpha channel
2003-12-21 Thomas Bluemelsmall fixes
2003-12-21 Gé van GeldorpCleanup outdated files
2003-12-21 Eric KohlUpdated welcome.exe.
2003-12-21 Filip NavaraPartial implementation of GetPixel.
2003-12-21 Thomas Bluemelmoved the INTERNALPOS structure to the WINDOW_OBJECT...
2003-12-21 Thomas BluemelName correction
2003-12-20 Thomas BluemelDefWndHandleSetCursor() sets default cursor for maximiz...
2003-12-20 Thomas Bluemelpartially implemented WM_SETCURSOR messages
2003-12-20 Filip NavaraUse of binary search in LdrFindResource_U. Patch by...
2003-12-20 Filip NavaraAdded few debug messages.
2003-12-20 Filip NavaraFixed many problems with WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW windows.
2003-12-20 Filip NavaraFixed parameter names of PatBlt.
2003-12-20 Martin Fuchsavoid error messages with invisible parent windows
2003-12-20 Martin Fuchswork around for incomplete implementation of QueryConte...
2003-12-20 Martin Fuchscorrected context menu in explorer windows
2003-12-20 Martin Fuchsfixed ShellFolderContextMenu() parameter
2003-12-20 Martin Fuchscontext menu implementation for desktop window
2003-12-20 Filip NavaraCompilation fixes.
2003-12-20 Filip NavaraCorrected packing of the structures.
2003-12-20 Thomas Bluemelinstall msgina.dll and userinit.exe
2003-12-20 Eric KohlInstall bootvid.sys. This fixes bug #98.
2003-12-20 Eric KohlDon't stop after hardware detection.
2003-12-20 Thomas Bluemelsome fixes on carets
2003-12-20 Filip NavaraRemoved space optimalization of XLATEGDI that caused...
2003-12-20 Filip NavaraBugfix.
2003-12-20 Eric Kohl- Detect PS/2 Port and Pointer Device (Mouse).
2003-12-20 Filip Navara- Palette fixes.
2003-12-19 Thomas Bluemelimplemented maximize/restore and minimize buttons for...
2003-12-19 Filip Navara- Removed last GvG's fix to COMCTL32.
2003-12-19 Thomas Bluemelimplemented GetMessageExtraInfo() and SetMessageExtraInfo()
2003-12-19 Filip Navara- Updated COMCTL32 to Wine 20031212 release.
2003-12-18 Gé van GeldorpCreate toolbar images as unmasked
2003-12-18 Gé van GeldorpSince we have created the off-screen bitmap, let's...
2003-12-18 Thomas BluemelIntFindWindowToRepaint() only returns window handles...
2003-12-18 Thomas Bluemelsmall fix
2003-12-18 Aleksey BraginStretchblitting 8->8 bpp implemented
2003-12-18 Aleksey BraginStretchblitting 32->32 bpp implemented
2003-12-18 Filip NavaraCall CreateMDIWindow[AW] from CreateWindowEx[AW] if...
2003-12-18 Filip NavaraFixed compilation with __USE_W32API.
2003-12-18 Gé van GeldorpFix the error in the original implementation of Unicode...
2003-12-18 Art YerkesFinal edit for tonight.
2003-12-18 Art YerkesStubs.
2003-12-18 Art YerkesAdded stubbed calls.
2003-12-18 Art YerkesInitial version of dnsapi. Not working yet, but compil...
2003-12-18 Art YerkesInitial dnsapi sources.
2003-12-18 Art Yerkes*** empty log message ***
2003-12-18 Art YerkesAdded ADNS library. A nice, versatile DNS client libra...
2003-12-18 Art YerkesWinError and WinDNS headers.
2003-12-18 Art Yerkesdnsapi test application.
2003-12-18 Gé van GeldorpAllow launching of console apps from GUI apps
2003-12-17 Vizziniturned off debug spew
2003-12-17 Vizzini - Enable "Full Maps" by default
2003-12-17 Vizziniadded missing parens, courtesy of mike nordell
2003-12-17 Martin Fuchsadded TEST code for executing non-folders without shell32
2003-12-17 Filip NavaraUnicodifity of window shouldn't be determined by unicod...
2003-12-17 Eric KohlImplemented FsRtlDissectName().
2003-12-17 Aleksey BraginInserted UNIMPLEMENTED macro definiton, otherwise ...
2003-12-17 Thomas Bluemelfixed destroying child windows and some fixes on menus
2003-12-17 Filip Navara- Print function name in Wine debugging macros.
2003-12-17 Filip NavaraFixed more registry entries for Shell Folders.
2003-12-17 Filip NavaraFixed registry entries for Wine DLLs, Shell Folders...
2003-12-17 Thomas Bluemelfixed dereferencing of child window objects in IntDestr...
2003-12-17 KJK::Hyperion - genntdll, shut up
2003-12-17 KJK::HyperionSome changes to UxTheme to make it compile with GCC
2003-12-16 Gé van GeldorpSplit CreateFileMapping flags before passing them on...
2003-12-16 Thomas Bluemeldeny destroying a window that does not belong to the...
2003-12-16 Aleksey BraginAdded include <stdlib.h> to remove warning about abs().
2003-12-16 Richard CampbellAdded a debug note and a warning messages to CopyImage
2003-12-16 Gé van GeldorpDirectory is empty and doesn't really need a .cvsignore
2003-12-15 Aleksey BraginShrinking bug fixed
2003-12-15 Thomas Bluemelfixed WinPosWindowFromPoint() to reference the returnin...
2003-12-15 Steven EdwardsAdd libwine.a
2003-12-15 Filip NavaraImplementation of [NtGdi]RectVisible.
2003-12-15 Steven EdwardsAdded MultiMedia headers to support Winmm.
2003-12-15 Steven EdwardsAdd some basic type information.
2003-12-15 Steven EdwardsPorted Winmm.dll from Winehq CVS 12-15-03.
2003-12-15 Thomas Bluemelchange entry point to 0x0
2003-12-15 Steven EdwardsMore minor cleanup.
2003-12-15 Gé van GeldorpFix CBT create hook for NULL window name
2003-12-15 Steven EdwardsTurn off a few more debug messages in the edit control.
2003-12-15 Eric KohlImplemented driver reinitialization.
2003-12-15 Thomas Bluemelfixed handling of WM_MOUSEWHEEL messages...again
2003-12-15 Thomas Bluemeladded WM_NCXBUTTON* messages
2003-12-14 Thomas BluemelNtUserDispatchMessage() shouldn't allow calling the...
2003-12-14 Thomas Bluemelfixed wrong handling of WM_MOUSEWHEEL messages that...
2003-12-14 Hartmut Birr- Fixed the recursive scan and if there is given a...
2003-12-14 Gé van GeldorpDisable UNIMPLEMENTED for unknown or global hooks so...
2003-12-14 Thomas Bluemelanother fix to message queues and fixed handling of...
2003-12-14 Martin Fuchsfixed Context destructor when constructed using the...
2003-12-14 Martin Fuchscheck for availability of SHRestricted() in shell32.dll
2003-12-14 Filip NavaraFixed palette locking.