1999-05-07 Rex Jolliffadded a top level readme file.
1999-05-07 Eric KohlExport some more functions.
1999-05-07 Eric KohlSome more fixes.
1999-05-06 Eric KohlFixed typos and moved typedefs.
1999-05-06 Eric KohlAdded GetDiskFreeSpaceEx().
1999-05-06 Eric KohlFixed GetDiskFreeSpace().
1999-05-06 Eric KohlFixed more bugs in GetFullPathName() and SetCurrentDire...
1999-05-05 Eric KohlFixed typos and compiler warnings.
1999-05-05 Eric KohlAdded volume serial number handling.
1999-05-05 Eric KohlRenamed wtolower() to towlower().
1999-04-29 Eric KohlFixed 'implicid declaration' warnings.
1999-04-29 Eric KohlAdded missing features in GetFullPathName[A/W]().
1999-04-29 Eric KohlFixed dependencies. Now ntdll.dll depends on ntdll...
1999-04-29 Eric KohlAdded aliases.
1999-04-28 Eric KohlAdded missing features in GetFullPathName[A/W]().
1999-04-27 Eric KohlFixed the 'clean' rule.
1999-04-27 Eric KohlCleaned up the 'clean' rule.
1999-04-27 Eric KohlFixed compiler warning.
1999-04-27 Eric KohlFixed LARGE_INTEGER handling
1999-04-27 Eric KohlFixed LARGE_INTEGER handling
1999-04-27 Boudewijn Dekkerno message
1999-04-27 Boudewijn DekkerFixed bug in modfl and in fread and fwrite and added
1999-04-25 Emanuele Alibertiversion information
1999-04-23 Boudewijn DekkerFixed some bugs.
1999-04-23 Rex JolliffUpdated boot disk builder and fixed CHECKPOINT macro...
1999-04-23 Eric Kohlfixed GetVolumeInformation()
1999-04-23 Eric Kohlfixed little bug in FindFirstFile()
1999-04-23 Emanuele Alibertiversion information to distinguish from MS
1999-04-23 Emanuele Alibertiadded resource script with version information to disti...
1999-04-23 Emanuele Aliberti*.rc include
1999-04-21 Eric Kohlfixed GetFileAttributes()
1999-04-20 Eric Kohlcompatibility fixes
1999-04-19 Eric Kohlcleanup
1999-04-19 Eric Kohlfixed Beep()
1999-04-18 David WelchSynched makefiles
1999-04-18 David WelchCompletely code to synchronize DbgPrint and console...
1999-04-18 David WelchFixed silly bug (sorry)
1999-04-18 David WelchCorrected bug which stopped(!) crtdll from compiling
1999-04-18 David Welch*** empty log message ***
1999-04-18 David WelchSeveral bug fixes
1999-04-17 Boudewijn Dekkeradded quad.h and ieee.h
1999-04-17 Boudewijn DekkerReplaced old version of printf and added some long...
1999-04-16 Eric Kohlchanges to build cmd again
1999-04-16 Eric Kohldir workaround
1999-04-16 Eric Kohlchanges to build cmd again
1999-04-16 Eric Kohllast bugfixes for cmd
1999-04-15 Eric Kohlchanges to build cmd again
1999-04-15 Emanuele Aliberticomplete but not aliased export table for advapi32.dll
1999-04-15 Eric Kohlfixed cursor synchronization bug
1999-04-14 Eric Kohlchanged strupr() to _strupr()
1999-04-14 Eric Kohlseveral changes to make cmd compile and link again
1999-04-14 Eric Kohladded ver command
1999-04-14 Eric Kohlfixed bug in FreeConsole()
1999-04-14 Eric Kohlfixed cursor synchroization bug
1999-04-14 Boudewijn DekkerAdded various files.
1999-04-14 Boudewijn DekkerAdded two header files for multi byte string functions
1999-04-14 David WelchFixed more compilation bugs (sorry)
1999-04-14 David WelchFixed silly compilation bug
1999-04-14 David Welch*** empty log message ***
1999-04-14 David Welch*** empty log message ***
1999-04-11 Eric Kohlconsole update
1999-04-10 Eric Kohladded .cvsignore file
1999-04-10 Eric Kohlfixed bugs and cleaned up (direct io is working now)
1999-04-10 David WelchPartially implemented PEB
1999-04-08 Rex Jollifffixing filenames
1999-04-05 David WelchImproved GDT managment
1999-04-04 Rex Jollifffixed display of stack frames
1999-04-03 Rex JolliffAdded a recursive clean rule and cleaned up a few loose...
1999-04-03 Boudewijn Dekkerminor fixes
1999-04-02 Boudewijn Dekkermoved some header files from top level to crtdll directory
1999-04-02 The ReactOS... to fix a problem
1999-04-02 The ReactOS... to fix a problem
1999-04-02 Rex JolliffSetup CRTDLL config to build DLL
1999-04-02 Rex Jolliffremoved size_t from kernel specific includes.
1999-04-01 David WelchEnhanced memory managment
1999-04-01 Rex JolliffChanges to be able to build system
1999-03-31 jeaninitialization of LastError
1999-03-31 jeancorrect bug in release of semaphore
1999-03-31 jeancorrect bug in release of semaphore
1999-03-31 jeanreport changes from dwelch in 1.5 (include <string.h>
1999-03-31 jeanimplement some functions
1999-03-31 David WelchImproved physical page managment
1999-03-30 Eric KohlFixed bugs and improved del command.
1999-03-30 Eric KohlFixed bug in DeviceIoContol().
1999-03-30 Eric KohlChanged beep to compile as sys driver.
1999-03-30 Eric Kohlimproved bluescreen driver
1999-03-30 David WelchBegan improvements to memory managment, changed method of
1999-03-28 Rex Jolliffadded GDI32 DLL skeleton
1999-03-27 Boudewijn Dekkerfixed some bugs to make nls functions compile
1999-03-26 David WelchMade process execution work again
1999-03-26 David WelchMade user-mode execution of processes work again
1999-03-25 jeanchanged type for function ExIsResourceAcquiredSharedLite
1999-03-25 jeanmodifiy ExIsResourceAcquiredxxx
1999-03-25 jeanwork on semaphores.
1999-03-25 jeanbegin implement.
1999-03-25 David WelchCleaned up code a bit
1999-03-24 David WelchChanged kernel32 to compile as a dll
1999-03-23 Eric Kohlfixed drive reset bug!
1999-03-22 Boudewijn Dekkerno message
1999-03-22 Boudewijn DekkerAdded __set_errno to file.h