2010-04-02 Timo Kreuzer- fix _EXTPUSH (DUMMYUNIONNAME was used twice, like...
2010-04-02 Timo Kreuzerfix mingw.rbuild
2010-04-02 Timo Kreuzerfix rbuild file
2010-04-02 Amine KhaldiSync with trunk head (part 1 or 2)
2010-04-02 Amine Khaldi[PSDK]
2010-04-02 Cameron Gutman[NTOSKRNL]
2010-04-02 Sir Richard[HALACPI]: Implement HalpQueryResources: We take the...
2010-04-02 Sir Richard[HALACPI]: Implement querying HALACPI resource requirem...
2010-04-02 Cameron Gutman- Forgot this file
2010-04-02 Michael Martin[usb/usbehci]
2010-04-02 Cameron Gutman[NTOSKRNL]
2010-04-01 Cameron Gutman- Fix the cmbatt.sys path
2010-04-01 Cameron Gutman[CMBATT]
2010-04-01 Cameron Gutman[NTOSKRNL]
2010-04-01 Sir Richard[HAL]: Whoever came up with this MINIHAL idea...
2010-04-01 Sir Richard[HAL]: Move all HAL-specific names to halacpi.c and...
2010-04-01 Sir Richard[HAL]: HalpActiveProcessors is KAFFINITY, not LONG...
2010-04-01 Sir Richard[HAL]: Fucken' A, I knew I'd forget one.
2010-04-01 Sir Richard[HAL]: Smarter .rbuild separation so that ACPI and...
2010-04-01 Johannes Anderwald[DEVENUM]
2010-04-01 Sir Richard[HAL]: Split HalReportResouceUsage into per-platform...
2010-04-01 Johannes Anderwald[MSDVBNP]
2010-04-01 Sir Richard[PCI]: New PCI driver, for the future. Needed for embed...
2010-04-01 Cameron Gutman[NTOSKRNL]
2010-04-01 Johannes Anderwald[KS]
2010-04-01 Johannes Anderwald[BDASUP]
2010-04-01 Johannes Anderwald[KS]
2010-04-01 Cameron Gutman[NTOSKRNL]
2010-04-01 Timo Kreuzer[HAL]
2010-04-01 Johannes Anderwald[KS]
2010-04-01 Johannes Anderwald[BDASUP]
2010-04-01 Johannes Anderwald[PSDK]
2010-03-31 Eric Kohl[NTORKRNL]
2010-03-31 Sir Richard[HALACPI]: Begin rough implementation of the Hal ACPI...
2010-03-31 Sir Richard[NDK]: Add missing Io functions.
2010-03-31 Eric Kohl[NTOSKRNL]
2010-03-31 Johannes Anderwald[KS]
2010-03-31 Johannes Anderwald[PSDK]
2010-03-31 Johannes Anderwald[KS]
2010-03-31 Johannes Anderwald[BDASUP]
2010-03-31 Timo Kreuzer[KDCOM]
2010-03-31 Timo Kreuzer[NTOS]
2010-03-31 Aleksey Bragin[NTOSKRNL/CONFIG]
2010-03-31 Aleksey Bragin[NTOSKRNL/CONFIG]
2010-03-31 Aleksey Bragin[NTOSKRNL/CONFIG]
2010-03-31 Timo Kreuzer[tchar.h]
2010-03-31 Timo Kreuzer[RBUILD]
2010-03-31 Timo Kreuzer[KERNEL32]
2010-03-31 Sir Richard[HALACPI]: Implement beginning of HAL ACPI support...
2010-03-31 Sir Richard[HAL]: Add Phase 0 HAL Heap Allocation/Mapping/Unmappin...
2010-03-31 Sir Richard[HALACPI]: Add some missing signatures.
2010-03-31 Sir Richard[HALACPI]: Add HAL ACPI header.
2010-03-31 Johannes Anderwald[SETUPAPI]
2010-03-30 Amine Khaldi[BATTC]
2010-03-30 Timo Kreuzerfix a typo
2010-03-30 Timo Kreuzer[MINGW]
2010-03-30 Eric Kohl[NTOSKRNL]
2010-03-30 Timo Kreuzer[WINE]
2010-03-30 Johannes Anderwald[SETUPAPI]
2010-03-30 Eric Kohl[NTOSKRNL]
2010-03-30 Timo Kreuzer[NTOS]
2010-03-30 Cameron Gutman[NTOSKRNL]
2010-03-30 Timo Kreuzermerge from amd64 branch:
2010-03-30 Timo Kreuzer[KERNEL32]
2010-03-30 Timo KreuzerMerge from amd64 branch:
2010-03-30 Amine Khaldi[PSDK]
2010-03-30 Johannes Anderwald[BDAPLGIN, KSPROXY, MSDVBNP, MSVIDCTL]
2010-03-30 Johannes Anderwald- Add bdasup to bootcd
2010-03-30 Timo KreuzerMerge from amd64-branch:
2010-03-30 Amine Khaldi[PSDK]
2010-03-30 Amine Khaldi[PSDK]
2010-03-30 Timo KreuzerDon't add underscore prefix to amd64 symbols
2010-03-30 Timo KreuzerMerge the rest from header branch.
2010-03-30 Timo KreuzerSimplify definition of PIMAGE_NT_HEADERS
2010-03-30 Timo Kreuzeradd PIO_CSQ_INSERT_IRP_EX to wdm.h
2010-03-30 Cameron Gutman[RTL]
2010-03-29 Amine Khaldi[PSDK]
2010-03-29 Johannes Anderwald- Fix trunk installation breakage introduced in 46570
2010-03-29 Sir Richard[HALACPI]: Add project, right now it just builds the...
2010-03-29 Cameron Gutman[NTOSKRNL]
2010-03-29 Johannes Anderwald- Add bda.inf, kscaptur.inf
2010-03-29 Johannes Anderwald[MSDVBNP]
2010-03-29 Timo KreuzerDefine PPEB in ntddk.h
2010-03-29 Timo KreuzerMerge winnt.h
2010-03-29 Timo KreuzerMerge ntdef.h
2010-03-29 Timo KreuzerMove IoAttachDeviceToDeviceStackSafe to ntddk.h
2010-03-29 Timo Kreuzermerge wdm.h second attempt. This time taking more care...
2010-03-29 Aleksey Bragin[NTOSKRNL]
2010-03-29 Timo Kreuzerrevert r46561
2010-03-29 Timo Kreuzermerge part of the wdm changes. Mostly formatting and...
2010-03-29 Timo KreuzerAdd RtlLargeInteger macros to wdm.h
2010-03-29 Timo Kreuzermerge ntdef.h formatting changes
2010-03-29 Timo KreuzerMerge bdasup.h
2010-03-29 Timo KreuzerAdd definition of PUOW to wdm.h
2010-03-29 Timo KreuzerFix Mm64BitPhysicalAddress
2010-03-29 Timo KreuzerMove SINGLE_GROUP_LEGACY_API definition to wdm.h
2010-03-29 Timo Kreuzerrevert r46552 and r46553
2010-03-29 Timo KreuzerReintegrate header branch part 7/x
2010-03-29 Timo KreuzerReintegrate header branch part 6/x
2010-03-29 Timo KreuzerReintegrate header branch part 5/x