2013-09-02 Eric Kohl[SAMSRV]
2013-09-02 Amine Khaldi[CMLIB]
2013-09-02 Amine Khaldi[COMCTL32]
2013-09-02 Giannis Adamopoulos[shell32]
2013-09-01 Amine Khaldi[WIN32K]
2013-09-01 Eric Kohl[NETAPI32]
2013-09-01 Amine Khaldi[CRT]
2013-09-01 Amine Khaldi[PSDK]
2013-09-01 Amine Khaldi[PAINT]
2013-09-01 Benedikt Freisen[PAINT]
2013-09-01 Amine Khaldi[KMTESTS]
2013-09-01 Giannis Adamopoulos- forgot to commit this
2013-09-01 Giannis Adamopoulos[shell32]
2013-09-01 Amine Khaldi[RSYM]
2013-09-01 Pierre Schweitzer[FRAMEDYN]
2013-09-01 Amine Khaldi[FRAMEDYN]
2013-09-01 Eric Kohl[SAMSRV]
2013-09-01 Pierre Schweitzer[FRAMEDYN]
2013-09-01 Pierre Schweitzer[FRAMEDYN]
2013-09-01 Pierre Schweitzer[FRAMEDYN]
2013-09-01 Pierre Schweitzer[FRAMEDYN]
2013-09-01 Pierre Schweitzer[FRAMEDYN]
2013-09-01 Pierre Schweitzer[PDSK]
2013-09-01 Amine Khaldi[RSYM]
2013-09-01 Hermès Bélusca... [APPWIZ]
2013-09-01 Amine Khaldi[RSYM]
2013-09-01 Amine Khaldi[DBGHELP]
2013-09-01 Amine Khaldi[NPFS/KERNEL32]
2013-09-01 Hermès Bélusca... [CMAKE]: Fix a comment typo only.
2013-08-31 Alex Ionescu[KERNEL32]: Add a DPRINT1 when failing GetCPInfo in...
2013-08-31 Hermès Bélusca... [RTL]
2013-08-31 Giannis Adamopoulos[browseui]
2013-08-31 Aleksey Bragin[NTOS/FSRTL]
2013-08-31 Amine Khaldi[APPWIZ]
2013-08-31 Amine Khaldi[APPWIZ]
2013-08-31 Amine Khaldi[NTOSKRNL]
2013-08-31 Giannis Adamopoulosreally fix build
2013-08-31 Hermès Bélusca... [FREELDR-KDCOM-KDBG]
2013-08-31 Hermès Bélusca... Code formatting only
2013-08-31 Giannis Adamopoulos[shell32]
2013-08-31 Giannis Adamopoulos[shell32]
2013-08-31 Amine Khaldi[SAL]
2013-08-31 Alex Ionescu[CONSRV]: One last fix to CONSRV_API_CONNECTINFO. We...
2013-08-31 Alex IonescuCORE-2198 #resolve #time 15m #comment [NPFS/KERNEL32...
2013-08-31 Alex Ionescu[NPFS]: Add support for a few more volume information...
2013-08-31 Alex Ionescu[NTDLL]: Use NT-style calculation in CsrClientCallServe...
2013-08-31 Alex Ionescu[CPORT]: We shouldn't be DPRINT1'ing from the library...
2013-08-31 Sylvain Petreolleconfigure: remove bashism.
2013-08-30 Alex Ionescu[NTOSKRNL]: Forcefully set IMAGE_DLLCHARACTERISTICS_NO_...
2013-08-30 Alex Ionescu[HIVESYS]: Set Session Manager\AppCompatibility, Disabl...
2013-08-30 Hermès Bélusca... [CONSRV]: Stubplement the remaining APIs needed for...
2013-08-30 Alex IonescuEnable the C_ASSERT that validates our CONSRV structure...
2013-08-30 Alex Ionescu[NTOSKRNL]: 903 was not supposed to have this change.
2013-08-30 Alex Ionescu[CONSRV]: Reorganize/rename/add some fields to CONSRV_A...
2013-08-30 Alex Ionescu[RTL]: Make RtlUnhandledExceptionFilter show a stack...
2013-08-30 Amine Khaldi[KERNEL32]
2013-08-30 Hermès Bélusca... [CONSRV]: Add some DPRINT1 information.
2013-08-30 Hermès Bélusca... [USERSRV]: Stubplement all the APIs needed for Windows...
2013-08-30 Amine Khaldi[GDI32]
2013-08-30 Amine Khaldi[USER32]
2013-08-30 Amine Khaldi[PSDK]
2013-08-30 Amine Khaldi[CMAKE]
2013-08-30 Alex Ionescu[BASESRV]: Fix critical bug in BaseSrvNlsGetUserInfo.
2013-08-30 Alex Ionescu[NTDLL/RTL]: Stub and export all the routines that...
2013-08-29 Hermès Bélusca... [NTOS]
2013-08-29 Aleksey Bragin[NTOS]
2013-08-29 Hermès Bélusca... [BASESRV]
2013-08-29 Hermès Bélusca... Here too ;)
2013-08-29 Alex Ionescu[BASESRV]: forgot to update the name table.
2013-08-29 Hermès Bélusca... Partially revert r59884 because of an enum name collisi...
2013-08-29 Hermès Bélusca... [BASESRV]
2013-08-29 Amine Khaldi[NTDLL]
2013-08-29 Alex Ionescu[BASESRV]: Fix definition of NLS_USER_INFO so that...
2013-08-29 Amine Khaldi[KERNEL32]
2013-08-29 Alex Ionescu[KERNEL32]: Passing flag 0 to QueryActCtx is valid...
2013-08-29 Alex Ionescu[BASESRV]: The last few APIs were off-by-one due to...
2013-08-29 Alex Ionescu[NLS]. Add NLS files.
2013-08-29 Hermès Bélusca... Formatting fix only.
2013-08-29 Alex Ionescumoar failz
2013-08-29 Alex Ionescufix a dprint
2013-08-29 Hermès Bélusca... Fix variable naming.
2013-08-29 Alex Ionescu[BASESRV]: Stubplement all the APIs so that our IDs...
2013-08-29 Alex Ionescu[KERNEL32]: Fix a bug in QueryActCtx
2013-08-29 Hermès Bélusca... [KERNEL32]
2013-08-29 Hermès Bélusca... [KERNEL32]
2013-08-29 Alex IonescuCORE-6639 #resolve #time 1d #comment Guard pages now...
2013-08-29 Alex Ionescu[HIDPARSE]: Stop the HID debug spam.
2013-08-29 Alex Ionescu[NDK]: Add some RTL_ACTIVATION_CONTEXT flags from the...
2013-08-29 Alex Ionescu[KERNEL32]: Implement BaseProcessInitPostImport. Window...
2013-08-29 Alex Ionescu[NTDLL]: Fix CsrpConnectToServer to use the correct...
2013-08-28 Amine Khaldi[WINHLP32]
2013-08-28 Alex Ionescu[NTDLL]: Don't give every process a KernelCallbackTable...
2013-08-28 Amine Khaldi[TRANSLATIONS]
2013-08-28 Amine Khaldi[CMAKE/VS]
2013-08-28 Alex Ionescu[NDK]: Fix Vista vs Server 2003 definition of SECTION_I...
2013-08-28 Hermès Bélusca... Just fix a typo.
2013-08-28 Alex Ionescu[RTL]: Correctly read PEB or Kernel Variables for Heap...
2013-08-28 Hermès Bélusca... [KERNEL32]
2013-08-28 Amine Khaldi[CMAKE]
2013-08-28 Amine Khaldi[CRT]