2002-07-26 Robert Kopferl-Nearly compiles doscalls
2002-07-25 Eric KohlImplemented RtlTimeToElapsedTimeFields().
2002-07-25 Eric KohlImplemented RtlTimeToElapsedtimeFields().
2002-07-25 Eric KohlAdded compression functions (not usabel yet).
2002-07-24 Eric KohlImplemented IoCheckDesiredAccess() and IoGetInitialStack().
2002-07-23 Robert Kopferlfree os2.h version
2002-07-23 Robert Kopferl*** empty log message ***
2002-07-23 Robert Kopferlupdate
2002-07-23 Robert DickensonAdded control panel applet icons to the list control...
2002-07-23 Jurgen van... OpenSCManager waits for services.exe to initialize
2002-07-23 Eugene IngermanFixed bugs in region operations code (should run region...
2002-07-23 Brian PalmerFix for disk caching while doing drive remapping
2002-07-22 Robert DickensonWhatever it is I changed, it's now backed up before...
2002-07-22 Robert DickensonBasic Control Panel created.
2002-07-22 Eric KohlRead drive number from the command line.
2002-07-22 Eugene IngermanMissing file.
2002-07-22 Robert DickensonAdded missing file and some hex string conversion routi...
2002-07-22 Steven EdwardsCommited as binary
2002-07-22 Steven EdwardsRemoved to recommit as binary
2002-07-22 Eugene IngermanAdded GetRegionData gdi function. Added region test...
2002-07-22 Brian PalmerAdded BIOS drive mapping functionality
2002-07-21 Eric KohlMoved WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE to the correct location.
2002-07-21 Robert DickensonAlmost completed dialog layouts contributed by Ian...
2002-07-20 David WelchRenamed ->
2002-07-20 Eugene IngermanUse (text format ntoskrnl symbols) instead...
2002-07-20 Jurgen van... GCC 3.1 compatibility
2002-07-20 Robert DickensonUpdated version information.
2002-07-20 Robert DickensonAdded new section to support default applications:
2002-07-20 Robert DickensonUpdated with changes to version information.
2002-07-20 Robert DickensonUpdated with an improvement to the registry save/restor...
2002-07-20 Robert DickensonUpdated with latest progress. How does one read a defau...
2002-07-20 Robert DickensonUpdated with latest progress. Started on a worker threa...
2002-07-20 Eric KohlAdded check for loaded system start drivers.
2002-07-20 Eric KohlMinor improvements.
2002-07-20 Eric KohlAdded some experimental code
2002-07-20 Eric KohlImplemented FileAllInformation.
2002-07-20 Eric KohlFixed [Nt/Zw]QueryAttributeFile() and [Nt/Zw]QueryFullA...
2002-07-20 Eric KohlImplemented FileNetworkOpenInformation.
2002-07-19 Eric KohlFixed 'clean' rule because rdel cannot delete itself.
2002-07-19 Eugene IngermanFixed typo. Now can disable kernel debugger by setting...
2002-07-19 Steven EdwardsCleanup make and install, Moved all of the incompleate...
2002-07-18 Eugene IngermanImplemented some of gdi region functions.
2002-07-18 Eugene IngermanExport MmCopyFrom/ToCaller from ntoskrnl. Added MulDiv.
2002-07-18 Robert DickensonAdded listview updating.
2002-07-18 Eric KohlMoved _SET_PARTITON_INFORMATION to a common location.
2002-07-18 Eric KohlFixed a typo.
2002-07-18 Robert DickensonAdded properties dialog.
2002-07-18 Robert DickensonUpdated with cleanup of treeview module.
2002-07-18 Eric KohlAdded _purecall().
2002-07-18 Eric KohlRemoved some obsolete definitions of __unit64.
2002-07-18 Eric KohlAdded IOCTL_DISK_SET_PARTITION_INFO.
2002-07-18 Eric KohlBuild and install beep and null driver.
2002-07-18 Eric KohlReported sector size must always be a power of 2.
2002-07-18 Eric KohlFixed access to non-existent device extension.
2002-07-18 David WelchSymbol loading working in kdb.
2002-07-17 David WelchPrint stack frames as densely as possible.
2002-07-17 David WelchUpdated .cvsignore file
2002-07-17 David WelchKDB stabs file.
2002-07-17 David WelchFixed null pointer exceptions.
2002-07-17 David WelchRemove crash testing code.
2002-07-17 David WelchFixed some bugs.
2002-07-16 Robert DickensonUpdated treeview and listview functionality.
2002-07-16 Robert DickensonUpdated treeview and listview functionality.
2002-07-16 Robert DickensonAdded save and restore of calculator mode using registry.
2002-07-16 Robert DickensonAdded framework for new application - calc.
2002-07-15 Steven EdwardsFixed warning about missing include
2002-07-15 Steven Edwardsadded hcalc target
2002-07-15 Steven EdwardsAdded Makefile for hcalc calc replacement. Works.
2002-07-15 Steven EdwardsFix no new line at end of file gcc 3.1 warrnings
2002-07-15 Robert DickensonMinor mod.
2002-07-15 Robert DickensonUpdates with progress on calling standard dialogs,...
2002-07-15 Robert DickensonUpdates with progress on TreeView, ChildWnd type and...
2002-07-15 Hartmut BirrChanged the ordering for allocating the inquiry buffer...
2002-07-15 Eric KohlDump the first MFT cluster and some file attributes.
2002-07-15 Steven EdwardsFix end of line warning for gcc 3.1
2002-07-15 Steven EdwardsFix end of line warning
2002-07-15 Steven EdwardsFix winebuild of regsvr32
2002-07-15 Rex Jolliffa test
2002-07-15 Steven EdwardsImport of DJ Dalories hcalc window calculator
2002-07-14 Robert Dickensonsync minor mod.
2002-07-14 Brian Palmer*** empty log message ***
2002-07-14 Robert DickensonSplit window control, listview and treeview moved to...
2002-07-14 Robert DickensonSplit window control, listview and treeview moved to...
2002-07-14 Robert DickensonUpdated with minor modifications only.
2002-07-14 Robert DickensonUpdated with progress. Still far to go....
2002-07-14 Steven EdwardsAdded touch to the makefile
2002-07-14 Robert DickensonRemoved obsolete cpp versions of files.
2002-07-14 Hartmut BirrClose the files after loading.
2002-07-13 Eugene IngermanAdded reference counting and deferred deletion for...
2002-07-13 Casper HornstrupFix typo
2002-07-13 Casper HornstrupIf symbols are available then pass them to the OS as...
2002-07-13 Casper Hornstrup2002-07-13 Casper S. Hornstrup <chorns@users.sourcefo...
2002-07-13 Casper Hornstrup2002-07-13 Casper S. Hornstrup <chorns@users.sourcefo...
2002-07-13 Eric KohlFixed a typo
2002-07-10 Robert DickensonCorrected makefiles for all tests and added new applica...
2002-07-10 Robert DickensonUpdated with changes due to file manager and registry...
2002-07-10 Robert DickensonUpdated with latest work. Still far to go...
2002-07-10 Eric KohlImplemented the ability to create suspended threads.
2002-07-10 Eric KohlRenamed some thread states.
2002-07-10 Eric KohlConnectNamedPipe(): STATUS_PIPE_CONNECTED reports a...