2005-06-08 Magnus Olsenadd my self to CREDITS
2005-06-08 Magnus OlsenOptimze DIB32_bitblt for both DGB=0 and DGB=1
2005-06-07 Gé van GeldorpRevert r15838 since it breaks the build
2005-06-07 Gé van GeldorpAdd getnameinfoA/W
2005-06-07 Filip NavaraFix prototypes for non-GDI_DEBUG case.
2005-06-07 Hartmut BirrChanged back to the GPL.
2005-06-07 Filip NavaraFix a cut & paste mistake.
2005-06-07 Filip Navara- Repair GDI handle debugging functionality.
2005-06-07 Martin Fuchssync winefile resource wcripts with WINE and adjust...
2005-06-07 Hartmut Birr- Removed the process member from the memory area struc...
2005-06-07 Filip NavaraImplementation of DragDetect. Based on Wine code (C...
2005-06-07 Filip Navara- Unlock GDI objects by pointer, not by handle.
2005-06-07 Filip NavaraFix buffer size checks for IOCTL_VIDEO_SET_COLOR_REGISTERS.
2005-06-07 Gregor AnichAdd 'l' suffix to shr in DIB_16BPP_VLine.
2005-06-07 Gregor AnichRemove a comment which i forgot to remove, oops.
2005-06-07 Gregor AnichAssembly for DIB_16BPP_VLine, nearly no performance...
2005-06-07 Thomas Bluemeluse %lu instead of %d for unsigned formatting
2005-06-07 Thomas Bluemeldelete obsolete folder
2005-06-06 Eric KohlUse #if 0 ... #endif to disable source code.
2005-06-06 Eric KohlNtPlugPlayControl: Implement PLUGPLAY_GET_RELATED_DEVIC...
2005-06-06 Hartmut Birr- Changed the calculation of the base address of an...
2005-06-06 Klemens Friedlcmd update:
2005-06-06 Eric KohlDisable patch 15796 because it breaks the bootcd.
2005-06-05 Hartmut BirrAllocate the section object from non paged pool because...
2005-06-05 Hartmut BirrFixed the clean rule.
2005-06-05 Hartmut BirrRevert my changes from rev 15805.
2005-06-05 Hartmut BirrAllocate the section segments from non paged pool becau...
2005-06-05 Gé van GeldorpImplement /LOADSYMBOLS and /NOLOADSYMBOLS command line...
2005-06-05 Hervé PoussineauInclude French resources in explorer
2005-06-05 Magnus Olsenmore optimze of bitblt for dib32
2005-06-05 Casper HornstrupClean proxy makefiles on 'make clean'
2005-06-05 Casper HornstrupRemove old makefiles
2005-06-05 Casper HornstrupGenerate proxy makefiles in output tree.
2005-06-05 James TaborAdding symbolic link to USBFDO.
2005-06-05 Hartmut BirrForgot this file.
2005-06-05 Hartmut BirrDon't lock the kernel address space while solving fault...
2005-06-05 Casper HornstrupDocument rbuild flags.
2005-06-05 Martin Fuchsrefresh window content after context menu popups only...
2005-06-05 Casper HornstrupCorrect dependencies for 'make <module>_install'
2005-06-05 Casper Hornstrup* Support enabling/disabling modules depending on confi...
2005-06-05 Gé van GeldorpUse standard debug macros
2005-06-05 Gé van GeldorpLucio Diaz-Flores Varela <>
2005-06-05 James TaborFixed Interface.
2005-06-04 Eric Kohl- Create device instance key for root device node.
2005-06-04 Aleksey BraginFix a few critical typos/mistakes (like interruptvector...
2005-06-04 Alex IonescuFix filip's fixme and alex's fixme (ie: make IRP cancel...
2005-06-04 Martin Fuchsgerman resource for property dialog
2005-06-04 Martin Fuchssync winefile's header between WINE and ReactOS
2005-06-04 Filip NavaraCorrectly handle NOT operator in window style definitions.
2005-06-04 Klemens Friedladd property page winapi (not finished, I will implemen...
2005-06-04 Magnus Olsenfix head so it compile agein
2005-06-04 Magnus Olsensorry revert to 15772
2005-06-04 Magnus Olsendib32 more speed optimze
2005-06-04 Magnus Olsensmall optimze and bug fix optimze color fill for DIB32_...
2005-06-04 Alex IonescuSorry I was errm a bit...dizzy
2005-06-04 Alex IonescuFix HEader
2005-06-04 Alex IonescuOptimized DstInvert32
2005-06-04 Hartmut BirrMake the bochs debug output in the very early boot...
2005-06-04 Alex IonescuAdd inbv header, stub InvbDisplayString, fix BSOD to...
2005-06-03 Magnus Olsenmore optimze of blt. icon draw lite faster
2005-06-03 Hervé PoussineauDon't define asm macros that are not used
2005-06-03 Gé van GeldorpFix DBG := 0 build
2005-06-03 Martin Fuchsremove resrc1.h
2005-06-03 Martin Fuchssplit the big explorer resource file into smaller langu...
2005-06-03 Magnus Olsensorry foregt test one optimze
2005-06-03 Magnus Olsenoptimze for bitblt dib32bpp.c
2005-06-03 Klemens Friedlupdate resource file (convert linux file to windows...
2005-06-03 Klemens FriedlAdd german language resource file
2005-06-03 Klemens FriedlAdd german language resource to the ReactOS Command...
2005-06-03 Maarten BosmaSome new features like Login, Config.h and Idle message
2005-06-03 Hervé PoussineauWait the opening of mouclass device to connect the...
2005-06-03 Magnus Olsenbitblt srcpy optimze it can be more optimze
2005-06-03 Hervé PoussineauSave DriverObject pointer to device extension
2005-06-03 Hartmut BirrFixed the compiling with DBG set to 1.
2005-06-03 Magnus Olsenactivate 32 to 32 bitblt code
2005-06-03 Hervé PoussineauDelete unneeded makefile
2005-06-03 Gregor AnichDIB_32BPP_BitBlt: Fix ROP4_SRCCOPY case for 32bpp.
2005-06-03 Magnus Olsenblt fill did broke winquake fix it now.
2005-06-03 Magnus Olsenthx agein blight and alex.
2005-06-03 Magnus Olsensorry wrong optimze for black and white fixing the...
2005-06-02 Martin FuchsSync from Wine - Henning Gerhardt <henning.gerhardt...
2005-06-02 Martin Fuchsconvert info strings to UTF-16
2005-06-02 Martin Fuchsimplemented file properties dialog (partly based on...
2005-06-02 Martin Fuchsfix column headers
2005-06-02 Aleksey BraginFirst version of Explorer's translation into Russian...
2005-06-02 Aleksey BraginChanged dialog's size, and sizes of its elements, so...
2005-06-02 Magnus Olsensorry did foregt ;
2005-06-02 Aleksey BraginFix grammar typo (notinserted -> not inserted) in russi...
2005-06-02 Steven Edwardsadd cabinet.dll to the cd
2005-06-02 Magnus Olsenlite Optimze only for dib32bpp.c
2005-06-02 Gregor AnichMake formatting of half-verbose output the same for...
2005-06-02 Emanuele Alibertisvn propset
2005-06-02 Emanuele AlibertiSM/CSR: move win32k.sys loading from the SM to the...
2005-06-02 Emanuele AlibertiCorrect midimap location.
2005-06-02 Alex IonescuFix midimap/wavemap build
2005-06-02 Steven Edwardsthis was moved
2005-06-02 James TaborRemoved makefiles.
2005-06-02 James TaborFixed xml problem.
2005-06-02 James TaborFixed xml problem.
2005-06-01 Hervé PoussineauDon't close port if opening failed