2004-03-24 Martin FuchsFIXME -> TRACE
2004-03-24 Filip Navara* Always return STATUS_SUCCESS from ScsiPortInitialize...
2004-03-24 Eric Kohl- Set user-specific environment variables.
2004-03-24 Martin Fuchsuse libexpat.a
2004-03-24 Martin Fuchsintegration of expat with ROS build system
2004-03-24 Gé van GeldorpFix filling of MENUITEMINFO in InsertMenu()
2004-03-24 Martin Fuchsuse the new built expat library for explorer
2004-03-24 Royce Mitchell IIIimplement SetPixelV
2004-03-24 Martin Fuchschecked in expat source code
2004-03-23 Gé van GeldorpPrevent deletion of system-owned objects like brushes...
2004-03-23 Thomas Bluemelfixed accessing memory that has already been freed
2004-03-23 Thomas BluemelImplemented GetWindowRgn() and GetWindowRgnBox()
2004-03-23 Gé van GeldorpCheck for valid ClientRect
2004-03-23 Gé van GeldorpImplement GetObjectA/W() for fonts
2004-03-23 Thomas Bluemeldon't use the window region when minimized
2004-03-23 Gé van GeldorpFix incorrect pointer arithmetic in NtGdiPtInRegion()
2004-03-23 Thomas BluemelImplemented SetWindowRgn() and added support for window...
2004-03-23 Eric KohlChanges to make AHA-2940 detect devices:
2004-03-23 Gé van GeldorpImplement GetUpdateRect() and harden NtUserGetUpdateRect()
2004-03-23 Gé van Geldorp- Implement GetCharWidthA/W()
2004-03-23 Gé van GeldorpImplement EnumFontFamilies(Ex)A/W() and TranslateCharse...
2004-03-23 Gé van GeldorpSilence debug messages
2004-03-22 Martin Fuchs- Merged partial Wine commit:
2004-03-22 Martin Fuchsmerge Wine commit:
2004-03-22 Martin Fuchsimplemented UTF-8 conversion
2004-03-22 Royce Mitchell IIIReformatting plus change to NtGdiGetPixel to handle...
2004-03-22 Thomas Bluemelfixed a couple of dead-locks in the region code
2004-03-22 Filip Navara- Added allocation of SrbExtension.
2004-03-22 Filip Navara- Compile the VGA driver using w32api.
2004-03-22 Thomas Bluemelfixed wrong rendering of clipped characters
2004-03-22 Filip Navara- Make PCI a boot driver.
2004-03-22 Filip Navara- Renamed TaggedQueueing to TaggedQueuing.
2004-03-21 Martin Fuchsinstall expat library
2004-03-21 Martin Fuchsstorage of configuration settings in user specific...
2004-03-21 Filip Navara- Support for upper level filter drivers.
2004-03-21 Filip Navara- A message box with timeout informing about successful...
2004-03-21 Filip Navara- Fixed language definition and line endings.
2004-03-21 Gé van GeldorpFix calling convention of various callback function...
2004-03-21 Gé van GeldorpSilence debug messages
2004-03-21 Thomas Bluemelfixed clipping issue
2004-03-21 Royce Mitchell III1000+% performance increase in 1bpp dib -> 1bpp dib...
2004-03-21 Martin Fuchsconfiguration dialog for notification icons
2004-03-20 Steven EdwardsMerge setupapi with Winehq.
2004-03-20 Steven EdwardsMerge setupapi with Winehq.
2004-03-20 Steven EdwardsMerge Winehq commit:
2004-03-20 Steven EdwardsFix the rendering of the GPL.
2004-03-20 Steven EdwardsMake install works. This closes out bug 221
2004-03-20 Filip Navara- Minor correction to IopGetSystemPowerDeviceObject.
2004-03-20 Filip Navara- Unlock surface in error case of EngModifySurface.
2004-03-20 Eric KohlRun second stage setup at first boot after install.
2004-03-20 Eric KohlLoad user profile and create user environment upon...
2004-03-20 Eric KohlFully implement RtlFormatCurrentUserKeyPath().
2004-03-20 Martin Fuchs- Copyright notices for 2004
2004-03-20 Martin Fuchsadjust for windres
2004-03-20 Martin Fuchsfix japanese resource script
2004-03-20 Martin Fuchscontext menu for notification area
2004-03-20 Martin Fuchsauto-hiding of inactive notification icons
2004-03-20 Martin Fuchsadded notifyhook.dll
2004-03-20 Martin Fuchsfix for installation target by James Tabor
2004-03-20 Steven EdwardsAdd notepad to the list of targets.
2004-03-20 Steven EdwardsEnable stub for ImpersonateLoggedOnUser. This gets...
2004-03-19 Gé van GeldorpHandle invalid Unicode strings for %S format like MS...
2004-03-19 Gé van GeldorpHandle characters outside first page
2004-03-19 Gé van GeldorpFix link warnings
2004-03-19 David Welch- Removed local definition of NtCurrentProcess.
2004-03-19 David Welch- Added definitions for NtCurrentProcess and NtCurrentT...
2004-03-19 Filip Navara- Load the PCI bus driver.
2004-03-19 Filip NavaraMerged changes from videoport_pnp_14032004 branch:
2004-03-19 Filip Navara- Lower IRQL in error case of IoAllocateDriverObjectExt...
2004-03-19 Eric KohlClean-up NtQueryInformationToken().
2004-03-19 Eric KohlFix NtOpenThreadToken() and NtSetInformationThread().
2004-03-19 Eric KohlImplement CreateEnvironmentBlock() and DestroyEnvironme...
2004-03-19 Eric KohlEnable environment inheritance.
2004-03-19 Martin Fuchsmerge WineHQ commit:
2004-03-19 Aleksey BraginCommitting my in-progress work with mmdrv, but it's...
2004-03-18 Royce Mitchell IIIsimple hack to keep winzip from bugchecking us
2004-03-18 David Welch- Fixed crash on reboot. Sorry.
2004-03-18 Thomas Bluemelimplemented SetFileShortName()
2004-03-18 Royce Mitchell IIIfixed several serious bugs in info.c and added a couple...
2004-03-18 Filip Navara- Fixed return status of IoGetDeviceProperty.
2004-03-18 Thomas Bluemel1. implemented SetFileValidData()
2004-03-18 Martin Fuchsfirst version of Explorer NotifyHook DLL
2004-03-17 Thomas Bluemelminor speed-improvement
2004-03-17 Filip Navara- Fixed few bugs related to SUROBJ initialization.
2004-03-17 Gunnar Dalsnesfix pipe create flags traslation
2004-03-17 Eric KohlSimplify LoadUserProfileW() and check for loaded profile.
2004-03-17 Steven EdwardsMoved the WINE notepad.
2004-03-17 Steven EdwardsMoved the WINE notepad to rosapps
2004-03-16 Martin Fuchssimplify Shell_NotifyIcon implementation
2004-03-16 Martin Fuchsuse alloca() to pass NOTIFYICONDATA structures of any...
2004-03-16 David Welch- Map only the vga frame buffer for the hal to write...
2004-03-16 David Welch- Removed useless define.
2004-03-16 David Welch- Use the miniport services to map the frame buffer.
2004-03-16 David Welch- Implemented IOCTL_VIDEO_MAP_VIDEO_MEMORY/IOCTL_VIDEO_...
2004-03-16 Eric KohlFlush the new user hive after copying.
2004-03-16 Martin Fuchsadd _ANONYMOUS_UNION to NOTIFYICONDATA struct
2004-03-16 Martin Fuchsreplace WINE specifiy system tray implementation by...
2004-03-16 Art YerkesArty's summary:
2004-03-16 Royce Mitchell IIINtGdiGetPixel cleanup - fixed small bug with rect bound...
2004-03-15 Gé van Geldorp- Add arrows for popup submenus