2005-05-26 Alex IonescuFix debug messages which previously forced NDEBUG to...
2005-05-26 Alex IonescuDynamically load and detect iphlpapi. Makes rpcrt4...
2005-05-26 Alex IonescuMark initial loader APIs are INIT_FUNCTION so they...
2005-05-26 Alex IonescuDo not build debug PS function on reatail build
2005-05-26 Alex IonescuDisable pool debug settings on a retail build and incre...
2005-05-26 Alex IonescuDon't compile ROS-specific tab-debug commands on a...
2005-05-26 Alex IonescuFix typos in debug messages
2005-05-26 Alex IonescuDon't compile pool debug apis on a retail build
2005-05-26 Alex IonescuDon't allocate section segments in nonpaged pool
2005-05-26 Alex IonescuFix pool code to actually work when some other defines...
2005-05-26 Alex IonescuDo not allow virtual mem queries > 0x80000000 even...
2005-05-26 Alex IonescuShut up i8042prt
2005-05-26 Alex IonescuDon't free heap for string that we don't own
2005-05-26 Maarten BosmaPackageManager
2005-05-26 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050524:
2005-05-26 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050524:
2005-05-26 Hervé PoussineauFix DPRINT1 messages to display correctly memory ranges
2005-05-25 Gé van GeldorpImplement sub-allocation of small requests
2005-05-25 Aleksey BraginNow UHCI HCD driver supports recognizing Memory type...
2005-05-25 Magnus OlsenNew normal curosr by irc:mf
2005-05-25 Alex IonescuBuild usetup and ntoskrnl and winmm in gcc 4.0
2005-05-25 Magnus OlsenCorrect bug do not enum other color deep that 8,16...
2005-05-25 Alex IonescuNonpaged Pool Liberation Day: Allow PagedPool to be...
2005-05-25 Alex IonescuTag the MDL buffer
2005-05-25 Alex Ionescuremove debug message
2005-05-25 Magnus OlsenAdd 24bits mode strings
2005-05-24 Alex IonescuFix Tag Usage
2005-05-24 Alex IonescuFix memory leaks in object manager, use tags and use...
2005-05-24 Alex IonescuFix DHCP from crashing, silence tcp and iphlp
2005-05-24 Magnus OlsenChangeDisplay
2005-05-24 Magnus Olsenadd CDS_VIDEOPARAMETERS for changedisplay setting it...
2005-05-24 Magnus OlsenVBE driver never write which reslutions it should use...
2005-05-23 Hervé PoussineauAdd ReactOS version at the start of the debug log
2005-05-23 Hervé PoussineauWrite keyboard identifier in right registry key
2005-05-23 James TaborI give up! I fix the rest of the headers later.
2005-05-23 James TaborFixup sysinfo.c SystemProcessInfo header.
2005-05-23 James TaborUpdate include header and update waitreason list.
2005-05-23 Magnus Olsen1. remove all hardcode strings to En.rc
2005-05-23 Hervé PoussineauRevert 15473 and 15474 as Alex doesn't like them
2005-05-23 Hervé PoussineauAdd ReactOS version at the start of the debug log
2005-05-23 Hervé PoussineauRemove some debug messages at boot
2005-05-22 James TaborRevert DPRINT1.
2005-05-22 Hervé PoussineauFix compile error when NDEBUG is not set
2005-05-22 Hartmut BirrObInsertObject must always return STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_CO...
2005-05-22 Hartmut BirrDon't create the media change event as named object.
2005-05-22 Emanuele Alibertisvn propset {keyword, eol-type}
2005-05-22 Emanuele AlibertiSM: change the way sessions are managed.
2005-05-22 James TaborThis is a CompareStringW hack to get (7z313.exe /Q...
2005-05-21 Eric KohlIoRegisterDeviceInterface: Create nested keys one-by...
2005-05-21 Eric KohlAdd DeviceClasses key.
2005-05-21 Aleksey BraginAdded russian translations for libs: mpr, msacm, msi...
2005-05-21 Hartmut BirrSet STATUS_SUCCESS instead of STATUS_PIPE_CONNECTED...
2005-05-21 Hartmut BirrRevert to rev 15172.
2005-05-21 Martin Fuchs- fixed for FOR _NO_EXTENSIONS mode
2005-05-21 Hervé PoussineauRemove some debug messages at boot (DPRINT1 changed...
2005-05-21 Hervé PoussineauOpen file with FILE_SHARE_READ in LdrLoadModule
2005-05-21 Hartmut BirrDon't interpret STATUS_PIPE_CONNECTED as error.
2005-05-21 Thomas Bluemelminor optimization
2005-05-21 Eric KohlImplement ConcatenatePaths and MyGetFileTitle.
2005-05-21 Hartmut BirrTerminate the process on exit in NtProcessStartup.
2005-05-21 Hartmut BirrFree all allocated memory in ObpDeleteObject.
2005-05-21 Hartmut BirrFree the capture buffer in ObReferenceObjectByName.
2005-05-21 Hartmut BirrSet the flag FO_DIRECT_DEVICE_OPEN after the call to...
2005-05-21 James TaborFix ups and Clean ups.
2005-05-21 Aleksey BraginEnable built-in debug messages usage (via CONFIG_USB_DEBUG)
2005-05-21 Martin Fuchsadd explorer-cz.rc to textinclude section
2005-05-21 James TaborAdded Usb cromwell to build system.
2005-05-21 James TaborFixups.
2005-05-21 James TaborAdded PKEVENT to init_waitqueue_head.
2005-05-21 James TaborAdded PKEVENT to wake_up.
2005-05-21 James TaborClean up end of line.
2005-05-21 James TaborAdded libusbcore.a to makefile
2005-05-20 Hervé PoussineauFix bus pointer for initial device
2005-05-20 Hervé PoussineauSVN maintenance:
2005-05-20 Hervé PoussineauModify some pci_hal funcs, fix obvious errors in code
2005-05-20 Magnus OlsenImplement same behavor for cd * as ms cmd cd *
2005-05-20 Hartmut Birr- Create always the output file. If no debug section...
2005-05-20 Magnus OlsenAdd new thing to cd.
2005-05-20 Art YerkesTurned on -Werror
2005-05-20 Filip NavaraLukáš "denzil" Frolka <>
2005-05-20 Steven Edwardsmove the rest of the alread defined tags to the private...
2005-05-20 Steven Edwardsstarted moving tags to a private internal header
2005-05-20 Hervé PoussineauRemove some debug messages at boot
2005-05-20 Hervé PoussineauIopAssignDeviceResources():
2005-05-20 Phillip SusiRemoved invalid . from path in this usetup ini file...
2005-05-20 Steven Edwardsadjust case on a header. Sorry Windows users. Do not...
2005-05-20 Hervé PoussineauSet BusNumber and SlotNumber in resource requirements...
2005-05-20 Hervé PoussineauRemove some debug messages at boot
2005-05-20 Hervé PoussineauRemove some debug messages at boot
2005-05-20 Hervé PoussineauSet svn:keywords and svn:eol-style properties
2005-05-20 Alex IonescuEnsure success
2005-05-19 Alex IonescuFix one of the added hacks. ObpCreateHAndle not exporte...
2005-05-19 Hervé PoussineauIoGetDeviceProperty():
2005-05-19 Hervé PoussineauDon't create a new DriverObject if one is already existing
2005-05-19 Magnus OlsenFix CD bug for
2005-05-19 Alex IonescuUnnamed objects do not have a base directory.
2005-05-19 Art YerkesDon't free this MDL. The I/O manager now does it for us.
2005-05-19 Alex IonescuDon't free io completion packet twice
2005-05-19 Art YerkesCorrected uninitialized timeout variable. Will be...
2005-05-19 Alex Ionescufix boot on vmware