descriptionA free Windows-compatible Operating System
ownerReactOS Project
last changeTue, 25 Jun 2019 22:57:53 +0000 (00:57 +0200)
14 hours ago Hermès Bélusca... [NTOS:MM] Fix MiLocateKernelSections() and MmMakeKernel... master
15 hours ago Victor Perevertkin[FREELDR] Fix Release build
18 hours ago Hermès Bélusca... [NTOS:KE/MM] Some bug-fixes in the bugcheck code.
18 hours ago Hermès Bélusca... [NTOS] Minor formatting enhancements only + typo fixes.
21 hours ago Victor Perevertkin[USBSTOR] Do not print device descriptor by default.
24 hours ago Victor Perevertkin[USBOHCI_NEW] Rename counter-intuitive field of Transfe...
25 hours ago Victor Perevertkin[USBOHCI_NEW] Zero out the transfer descriptor right...
27 hours ago Victor Perevertkin[USBOHCI_NEW] Simplify the MapTransferToTD routine...
29 hours ago Thomas Faber[UNIATA] Update to version 0.47a. CORE-15930
29 hours ago Thomas Faber[ACPICA] Update to version 20190509. CORE-16138
29 hours ago Thomas Faber[RTL] Fix failure check in RtlpCreateCriticalSectionSem.
29 hours ago Timo Kreuzer[CMIDRIVER] Try to fix build 3
36 hours ago Yaroslav Kibysh[FREELDR] Always change video mode back to text-mode... 1653/head
36 hours ago Hermès Bélusca... [BLUE] Initialize the console with a default font for...
38 hours ago Timo Kreuzer[CMIDRIVER] Try to fix build 2
38 hours ago Timo Kreuzer[CMIDRIVER] Try to fix build
2 months ago 0.4.12-RC [0.4.12] Create the 0.4.12-RC tag.
2 months ago 0.4.13-dev Create the 0.4.13-dev tag.
3 months ago 0.4.11-release [0.4.11] Create the 0.4.11-release tag
6 months ago 0.4.11-RC [0.4.11] Create the 0.4.11-RC tag.
6 months ago 0.4.12-dev Create the 0.4.12-dev tag.
7 months ago 0.4.10-release [0.4.10] Create the 0.4.10-release tag
10 months ago 0.4.10-RC [0.4.10] Create the 0.4.10-RC tag.
10 months ago 0.4.11-dev Create the 0.4.11-dev tag.
11 months ago 0.4.9-release Create the 0.4.9-release tag
13 months ago 0.4.10-dev Create the 0.4.10-dev tag.
13 months ago 0.4.9-RC [0.4.9] Create the 0.4.9-RC tag.
14 months ago 0.4.8-release Create the 0.4.8-release tag.
16 months ago 0.4.8-RC Create the 0.4.8-RC tag.
16 months ago 0.4.9-dev Create the 0.4.9-dev tag.
18 months ago good
19 months ago 0.4.7-release another kiss with gold-dust
14 hours ago master
16 hours ago ob_device_maps
4 days ago releases/0.4.12
3 weeks ago revert-1299-use-owner-icon
3 weeks ago tkreuzer/The_ultimate_ros_amd64_bringup
7 weeks ago rosautotest_journal_fix
2 months ago origin
3 months ago releases/0.4.11
4 months ago menu_alignment
4 months ago fix_msvc_v2
4 months ago fix_msvc
4 months ago CORE-15642
5 months ago upstream_master
6 months ago fix-msgdump
6 months ago revert-1100-ghost-add-codes
7 months ago releases/0.4.10