descriptionA free Windows-compatible Operating System
ownerReactOS Project
last changeTue, 24 Apr 2018 22:07:02 +0000 (23:07 +0100)
23 hours ago Jason JohnsonCorrectly bugcheck if we aren't returning a usermode... master
25 hours ago Peter WathallRemoved unreachable line (#517)
47 hours ago Eric Kohl[SYSSETUP] PS2MousePropPageProvider: Use the UDN_DELTAP...
2 days ago Stanislav Motylkov[MSPAINT] Fix crash on zoom out
2 days ago Eric Kohl[SYSSETUP] Initialize the property sheet page dialog...
3 days ago Hermès Bélusca... [WIN32K] Implement UOI_FLAGS in NtUserGetObjectInformat...
3 days ago Bișoc George[CPL][CONSOLE] Mistake corrections
3 days ago Hermès Bélusca... [NULL] Additions for the Null driver.
3 days ago Mark Jansen[SDB] Add a fix for Globulation 2 unloading / reloading...
3 days ago Mark Jansen[SDK][ACGENRAL] Add the shim IgnoreFreeLibrary
3 days ago Mark Jansen[XML2SDB] Add support for TAG_LINK_DATE and TAG_LINKER_...
3 days ago Mark Jansen[SHIMLIB] Update helper functions, add ShimLib_StringND...
3 days ago Mark Jansen[APPSHIM_APITEST] Add a test for the shim IgnoreFreeLibrary
3 days ago Eric Kohl[ZIPFLDR] Fix russian translation
3 days ago Mark Jansen[SHELL32] Partially sync SHGetFileInfo with wine to... 507/head
3 days ago Mark Jansen[ZIPFLDR] Various usability improvements
2 weeks ago 0.4.8-release Create the 0.4.8-release tag.
2 months ago 0.4.8-RC Create the 0.4.8-RC tag.
2 months ago 0.4.9-dev Create the 0.4.9-dev tag.
4 months ago 0.4.7-release another kiss with gold-dust
5 months ago 0.4.7-rc1 Create the 0.4.7-rc1 tag.
5 months ago 0.4.8-dev Create the 0.4.8-dev tag.
6 months ago 0.4.7-dev Git conversion: Create the 0.4...
7 months ago backups/GSoC_2017/rapps@75905
7 months ago backups/ros-branch-0_4_6@75728
7 months ago ReactOS-0.4.6
11 months ago backups/ros-branch-0_4_5@74569
11 months ago ReactOS-0.4.5
13 months ago backups/ReactOS-0.4.4-CLT2017@74182
13 months ago ReactOS-0.4.4-CLT2017
14 months ago backups/ros-branch-0_4_4@74002
14 months ago ReactOS-0.4.4
23 hours ago master
4 days ago apisets_data
10 days ago CORE-14349
2 weeks ago releases/0.4.8
3 weeks ago uninit_var
5 weeks ago afd_qvi
5 weeks ago explorer_manifest
7 weeks ago fix_win32k_64bit_issues
2 months ago tkreuzer/The_ultimate_ros_amd64_bringup
2 months ago acppage_translate
2 months ago revert-299-SergeGautherie/ROSTESTS-274_TcpIpConnect_Typo
3 months ago stub_opentrace
3 months ago tkreuzer/FontDriver
3 months ago revert-clearevent
3 months ago no-threadsafe-statics
4 months ago ntfs_rebase