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9 min ago Hermès Bélusca... [SETUPLIB] Detect GPT-partitioned disks but don't use... master
2 hours ago Katayama Hirofumi MZ[SHELL32] Improve French translation of Folder Options...
11 hours ago Katayama Hirofumi MZ[EXPLORER] Set display icon of task properties (#1130)
11 hours ago Katayama Hirofumi MZ[CPL] Properly set display icons of control panel apple...
11 hours ago Katayama Hirofumi MZ[SHELL32] Localize caption of Folder Options
26 hours ago Serge Gautherie[KMTEST:RTL] RtlException: Remove '#if CORE_6640_IS_FIXED'
28 hours ago Luo Yufan[SETUP][FONT] Add font substitute of Ubuntu font for CJK
35 hours ago Katayama Hirofumi MZ[BROWSEUI] Follow up of #1121
35 hours ago Katayama Hirofumi MZ[BROWSEUI] Add backslash for directory (#1121)
35 hours ago Katayama Hirofumi MZ[REGEDIT] Set background brush to child window (#1122)
35 hours ago Pierre Schweitzer[ROSAUTOTEST] Force HTTPS
35 hours ago Pierre Schweitzer[ROSAUTOTEST] Forget about HTTP, go over HTTPS directly
35 hours ago Pierre Schweitzer[ROSAUTOTEST] Allow transparent redirection to HTTPS...
2 days ago Pierre Schweitzer[MAINTAINERS] Add the vcdcontroltool app
2 days ago Serge Gautherie[WS2_32_APITEST] Fix 'inialialization' typo, in comment...
2 days ago Mark Jansen[SFC_APITEST] Initial test for SfcIsFileProtected and... 897/head
5 days ago 0.4.11-RC [0.4.11] Create the 0.4.11-RC tag.
5 days ago 0.4.12-dev Create the 0.4.12-dev tag.
5 weeks ago 0.4.10-release [0.4.10] Create the 0.4.10-release tag
3 months ago 0.4.10-RC [0.4.10] Create the 0.4.10-RC tag.
3 months ago 0.4.11-dev Create the 0.4.11-dev tag.
5 months ago 0.4.9-release Create the 0.4.9-release tag
6 months ago 0.4.10-dev Create the 0.4.10-dev tag.
6 months ago 0.4.9-RC [0.4.9] Create the 0.4.9-RC tag.
8 months ago 0.4.8-release Create the 0.4.8-release tag.
9 months ago 0.4.8-RC Create the 0.4.8-RC tag.
9 months ago 0.4.9-dev Create the 0.4.9-dev tag.
12 months ago 0.4.7-release another kiss with gold-dust
13 months ago 0.4.7-rc1 Create the 0.4.7-rc1 tag.
13 months ago 0.4.8-dev Create the 0.4.8-dev tag.
14 months ago 0.4.7-dev Git conversion: Create the 0.4...
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2 days ago releases/0.4.11
2 days ago fix-msgdump
3 days ago revert-1100-ghost-add-codes
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