descriptionA free Windows-compatible Operating System
ownerReactOS Project
last changeThu, 30 Nov 2023 08:22:50 +0000 (17:22 +0900)
21 min ago Katayama Hirofumi MZ[IMM32][SDK][NTUSER] Implement CtfImmTIMActivate (... master
10 hours ago Eric Kohl[UMPNPMGR] Move the pnp event thread to a separate...
14 hours ago Hermès Bélusca... [BOOTDATA] Add explicit value types as we do for the...
15 hours ago Whindmar Saksit[BOOTDATA] hivesft: Fix URL Protocol registry value...
18 hours ago Katayama Hirofumi MZ[SHELL32][SHELL32_APITEST][SDK] Implement PathIsEqualOr...
29 hours ago Thamatip Chitpong[PORTCLS] Don't repeat "PORTCLS" module name in version...
32 hours ago Thamatip Chitpong[WS2HELP] Add ws2help.rc to CMakeLists (#6055)
44 hours ago Thamatip Chitpong[SETUPAPI] Add dll version info (#6050)
45 hours ago Hermès Bélusca... [HALARM] HalpActiveProcessors is a KAFFINITY (see headers)
2 days ago Eric Kohl[NTOS:PNP] Queue a device change event on interface...
2 days ago Timo Kreuzer[TASKMGR] Fix 64-bit bugs
2 days ago Serge Gautherie[NTOSKRNL] Remove unused internal/amd64/asmmacro.S
2 days ago Joachim Henze[TASKMGR] Fix text cutoff statusbar2 CPU%, improve...
2 days ago Doug Lyons[USER32] Fix F1'97 Demo icon not showing in explorer...
2 days ago Katayama Hirofumi MZ[IEXPLORE][INF] Follow-up of 76b25a7
2 days ago Katayama Hirofumi MZ[IEXPLORE][INF] Fix 'Internet Browser' registry settings
23 months ago 0.4.14-release [0.4.14] Create the 0.4.14-release...
3 years ago 0.4.15-dev Create the 0.4.15-dev tag.
3 years ago 0.4.14-RC [0.4.14] Create the 0.4.14-RC tag.
3 years ago 0.4.13-release [0.4.13] Create the 0.4.13-release tag
4 years ago 0.4.13-RC [0.4.13] Create the 0.4.13-RC tag.
4 years ago 0.4.14-dev Create the 0.4.14-dev tag.
4 years ago 0.4.12-release Create the 0.4.12-release tag
4 years ago 0.4.12-RC [0.4.12] Create the 0.4.12-RC tag.
4 years ago 0.4.13-dev Create the 0.4.13-dev tag.
4 years ago 0.4.11-release [0.4.11] Create the 0.4.11-release tag
4 years ago 0.4.11-RC [0.4.11] Create the 0.4.11-RC tag.
4 years ago 0.4.12-dev Create the 0.4.12-dev tag.
5 years ago 0.4.10-release [0.4.10] Create the 0.4.10-release tag
5 years ago 0.4.10-RC [0.4.10] Create the 0.4.10-RC tag.
5 years ago 0.4.11-dev Create the 0.4.11-dev tag.
5 years ago 0.4.9-release Create the 0.4.9-release tag
21 min ago master
5 hours ago hivelog-overflow2
37 hours ago rfb/netcfgxCORE19327radiobtn
3 days ago hbelusca/TEST_EVERYTHING_YEAY
3 days ago no-aka
3 days ago rfb/taskmgr_statusbar
3 days ago 640x480shell32part1
9 days ago oleg/native-reactx
9 days ago tkreuzer/test-reg-stuff
13 days ago rfb/netcfgx_WSDISABLED2
13 days ago rfb/netcfgx_WSDISABLED
2 weeks ago rfb/taskmgr_border
2 weeks ago rfb/640x480netcfgx
2 weeks ago ntos/test-lock-fix
3 weeks ago rfb/640x480powercfg
3 weeks ago rfb/640x480opengl