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10 hours ago jimtabor[NtGDI] master trunk
12 hours ago jimtabor[NtGDI]
14 hours ago mjansen[WIN32SS] Fix returning an uninitialized variable....
21 hours ago tfaber[GDI32]
29 hours ago tfaber[EVENTVWR]
29 hours ago tfaber[EVENTVWR]
31 hours ago hbelusca[CMD]: Improvements for the CHCP command.
32 hours ago ekohl[BOOTDATA]
33 hours ago hbelusca[KERNEL32]: Add/update localized codepage display names.
36 hours ago hbelusca[KERNEL32]: Little improvements/fixes for GetCPInfoExW...
37 hours ago hbelusca[KERNEL32]: Add the Brunei in the list of localized...
40 hours ago gadamopoulos[UXTHEME] -Fix some resource leaks.
40 hours ago hbelusca[COMMAND]: Disable COMMAND.COM debugging messages by...
43 hours ago tfaber[USBOHCI]
43 hours ago tfaber[USBEHCI][USBOHCI]
44 hours ago gadamopoulos[UXTHEME] -Implement the tab background texture. NOTE...
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