descriptionA free Windows-compatible Operating System
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last changeSat, 28 May 2022 11:17:45 +0000 (13:17 +0200)
3 hours ago Eric Kohl[DISKPART] Implement CREATE PARTITION EXTENDED and... master
5 hours ago Eric Kohl[DISKPART] Implement CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY and DELET...
7 hours ago Eric Kohl[DISKPART] Fix crashes in the interpreter
23 hours ago Stanislav Motylkov[PC98VID] Fix video driver settings
23 hours ago Stanislav Motylkov[XBOXVMP] Fix video driver settings
40 hours ago Victor Perevertkin[CMAKE] Fix buildbot builders
40 hours ago Victor Perevertkin[CMAKE] Do not use USE_CLANG_CL variable in CMake scripts 3612/head
40 hours ago Victor Perevertkin[CMAKE] Elimitate the use of GCC and CLANG variables
2 days ago Dmitry Borisov[HALX86] Print the correct size of the BAR in HalpDebug...
2 days ago Mark Jansen[ASM x64] Fix UNIMPLEMENTED macro for MSVC 4465/head
2 days ago Mark Jansen[KERNEL32] Fix reading SafeDllSearchMode 4431/head
2 days ago Stanislav Motylkov[GITHUB] Add MSVC ARM64 builder
3 days ago Justin Miller[REACTOS] Finally get some ARM64 applications building...
3 days ago William Kent[CMAKE] Search the PATH for the compilers and cache... 4511/head
3 days ago William Kent[DBGHELP] Fix rsym runtime crash on ARM64 host
3 days ago William Kent[MKISOFS] Add ARM64 processor support
5 months ago 0.4.14-release [0.4.14] Create the 0.4.14-release...
2 years ago 0.4.15-dev Create the 0.4.15-dev tag.
2 years ago 0.4.14-RC [0.4.14] Create the 0.4.14-RC tag.
2 years ago 0.4.13-release [0.4.13] Create the 0.4.13-release tag
2 years ago 0.4.13-RC [0.4.13] Create the 0.4.13-RC tag.
2 years ago 0.4.14-dev Create the 0.4.14-dev tag.
2 years ago 0.4.12-release Create the 0.4.12-release tag
3 years ago 0.4.12-RC [0.4.12] Create the 0.4.12-RC tag.
3 years ago 0.4.13-dev Create the 0.4.13-dev tag.
3 years ago 0.4.11-release [0.4.11] Create the 0.4.11-release tag
3 years ago 0.4.11-RC [0.4.11] Create the 0.4.11-RC tag.
3 years ago 0.4.12-dev Create the 0.4.12-dev tag.
3 years ago 0.4.10-release [0.4.10] Create the 0.4.10-release tag
3 years ago 0.4.10-RC [0.4.10] Create the 0.4.10-RC tag.
3 years ago 0.4.11-dev Create the 0.4.11-dev tag.
3 years ago 0.4.9-release Create the 0.4.9-release tag
3 hours ago master
5 days ago CORE-18189
12 days ago ci_stale
13 days ago hpoussin-video-panning
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6 weeks ago hpoussin-display-drivers
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