2016-08-18 Aman PriyadarshiMinor changes for ATAPI Srb Functions
2016-08-14 Aman PriyadarshiAdded Port Reset for non Idle ports
2016-07-26 Aman PriyadarshiFixed write crashes, write support working. Tested...
2016-07-26 Aman PriyadarshiAdded write support, next operation code 53 27.
2016-07-25 Aman PriyadarshiHandled SCSIOP_MODE_SENSE, Fixes made to maxLba count.
2016-07-25 Aman PriyadarshiHandled SCSIOP_TEST_UNIT_READY
2016-07-24 Aman PriyadarshiFixed SrbExtension == NULL bug! :D
2016-07-23 Aman PriyadarshiCompleted SCSIOP_READ_CAPACITY, SCSIOP_REPORT_LUNS...
2016-07-19 Aman PriyadarshiImplemented Dpc Routine, managed Srb functions and...
2016-07-05 Aman Priyadarshi- Handled DET = 03h case.
2016-07-04 Aman Priyadarshi- Fixed Offset Issue (VendorId and Reversed space offse...
2016-07-04 Aman PriyadarshiDebugging Port Device Status Check
2016-06-30 Aman Priyadarshi- Completed Interrupt Handler Routine
2016-06-27 Aman PriyadarshiNext: Interrupt Handler for completed FIS commands.
2016-06-22 Aman PriyadarshiImplemented AhciBuild_PRDT
2016-06-20 Aman PriyadarshiPlease look at notes.txt for implementation and progres...
2016-06-16 Aman Priyadarshifixed portCount boundary problem :D
2016-06-16 Aman Priyadarshi- Fixed CMakeLists issues reported by hbelusca
2016-06-15 Aman PriyadarshiAdded AHCI_Global_HBA_CAP_S64A support
2016-06-10 Aman PriyadarshiCode Review #2
2016-06-09 Aman Priyadarshichanges after code review
2016-06-07 Aman PriyadarshiAdded AhciHwInterrupt -- Round Robin Implementation...
2016-06-07 Aman PriyadarshiAHCI-SATA Interface almost ready.
2016-06-05 Aman PriyadarshiAdded INF File for driver installation with minimal...
2016-06-04 Aman Priyadarshi- Added all HwStor Initialization Required Functions
2016-06-03 Aman PriyadarshiAhciFindAdapter Completed
2016-06-02 Aman PriyadarshiRequired changes to meet community coding style.
2016-06-02 Aman Priyadarshi== Storahci driver
2016-04-24 Pierre SchweitzerCreate the AHCI branch for Aman's work
2016-04-24 Pierre Schweitzer[BTRFS]
2016-04-24 Sylvain Petreolle[CDMAKE]
2016-04-24 Mark Jansen[APPHELP][APPHELP_APITEST] Update SdbTagToString tests...
2016-04-24 Sylvain Petreolle[NDIS]
2016-04-24 Mark JansenNothing to see here.
2016-04-24 Mark Jansen[APPHELP][APPHELP_APITEST] Add SdbTagToString + test...
2016-04-24 Eric Kohl[SYSSETUP]
2016-04-23 Mark Jansen* Addendum to r71192,
2016-04-23 Mark Jansen[BROWSEUI][SHELL32] Stub Folder Options Property Page...
2016-04-23 Mark Jansen[SHELL32] Fix the grouping of folder options radiobutto...
2016-04-23 Mark Jansen[SDK][SDK_APITEST] Improve delayload support CORE-10935
2016-04-23 Sylvain Petreolle[ROSTESTS]
2016-04-23 Sylvain Petreolle[NDIS]
2016-04-21 Sylvain PetreolleSave the ReiserFS driver in the right place on installa...
2016-04-21 Amine Khaldi[URLMON] Stub and export URLDownloadA. CORE-11136
2016-04-20 Amine Khaldi* Addendum to r71184. CORE-9111
2016-04-20 Amine Khaldi[SDK] One step further towards ReactOS source code...
2016-04-20 Amine Khaldi[CLASSPNP] Fix MSVC build. Brought to you by Timo.
2016-04-20 Amine Khaldi[LIBPNG] Update to v1.6.21. CORE-11128
2016-04-20 Amine Khaldi[README.WINE] Mark some modules and source files as...
2016-04-19 Sylvain PetreolleMake the bootcd_extras, livecd_extras, hybridcd_extras...
2016-04-19 Pierre Schweitzer[NTOSKRNL]
2016-04-18 Pierre Schweitzer[NTOSKRNL]
2016-04-17 Pierre Schweitzer[KMTESTS:FSRTL]
2016-04-17 Timo Kreuzer[XDK/DDK] Fix copy pasta
2016-04-17 Thomas Faber[NTOS:KE]
2016-04-16 Timo Kreuzer[NTOSKRNL]
2016-04-16 Thomas Faber[USER32_APITEST]
2016-04-16 Timo Kreuzer[XDK/DDK] Update ASSERT definitions based on latest...
2016-04-16 Thomas Faber[CMLIB]
2016-04-16 Timo Kreuzer[XDK/DDK] Fix prototype of FsRtlRegisterUncProvider...
2016-04-16 Thomas Faber[RTL]
2016-04-16 Thomas Faber[NTOS][WIN32K]
2016-04-16 Thomas Faber[WIN32K:NTUSER]
2016-04-15 Pierre Schweitzer[NTOSKRNL]
2016-04-15 Thomas Faber[WIN32K:NTUSER]
2016-04-15 Thomas Faber[WIN32K:NTUSER]
2016-04-15 Thomas Faber[WIN32K:NTUSER]
2016-04-15 Pierre Schweitzer[KMTESTS:FSRTL]
2016-04-15 Thomas Faber[NTOS:MM]
2016-04-14 Pierre Schweitzer[FREELDR]
2016-04-14 Pierre Schweitzer[NTFS]
2016-04-14 Thomas Faber[ACPICA]
2016-04-14 Thomas Faber[NTOS:IO]
2016-04-13 Pierre Schweitzer[NTFS]
2016-04-13 Pierre Schweitzer[NTFS]
2016-04-13 Mark Jansen[APPHELP] Change the ApphelpCheckInstallShieldPackage...
2016-04-12 Thomas Faber[NTOS:PS]
2016-04-12 Thomas Faber[NTDLL_APITEST]
2016-04-12 Thomas Faber[ACPICA]
2016-04-12 Thomas Faber[COM_APITEST]
2016-04-12 Thomas Faber[ADVAPI32]
2016-04-12 Thomas Faber[PSDK]
2016-04-12 Thomas Faber[PSDK]
2016-04-12 Thomas Faber[PSDK]
2016-04-11 Pierre Schweitzer[NTOSKRNL]
2016-04-11 Mark Jansen[SHELL32][SHELL32_WINETEST] Connect CDefViewDual to...
2016-04-11 Colin Finck[DOXYGEN]
2016-04-10 Mark Jansen[SHELL32] Use the previously implemented Typelib regist...
2016-04-10 Pierre Schweitzer[KMTESTS:FSRTL]
2016-04-10 Thomas Faber[MOUNTMGR]
2016-04-10 Mark Jansen[ATL]
2016-04-10 Mark Jansen[SHELL32]
2016-04-10 Pierre Schweitzer[NTOSKRNL]
2016-04-10 Thomas Faber[COM_APITEST]
2016-04-10 Thomas Faber[PSDK]
2016-04-10 Thomas Faber[PSDK]
2016-04-09 Mark Jansen[SHELL32]
2016-04-09 Pierre Schweitzer[NTOSKRNL]
2016-04-09 Mark Jansen[ACPPAGE] Implement the base of the compatibility tab...
2016-04-09 Thomas Faber[CDFS]