[AMSTREAM] We don't need to define WIDL_C_INLINE_WRAPPERS here anymore.
[reactos.git] / dll / directx / wine / readme.txt
1 This Is wine DirectX support.
2 It works in reactos and windows
3 When ReactOS own ReactX are inplace
4 this file will be remove from our SVN
5 for now they stay as tempary sovlotions
8 People that have help getting this thing
9 to working in ReactOS Building system
11 Roderick Colenbrander - thunderbird2k at gmx dot net
12 The informations how to build it and done
13 the windows port in wine (wine devloper)
15 Magnus Olsen aka GreatLord
16 Did import it to ReactOS and setupup
17 the build
19 GedMurphy
20 Did help with minor issue, info how to
21 make DllMain being call