WIDL: Enable the use of scalar types (non-pointer types) as custom binding handles.
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2008-10-13 Cameron Gutman - Merge aicom-network-fixes up to r36740
2008-08-01 Art YerkesCreate a branch for network fixes.
2008-02-11 Hervé PoussineauBring back ext2 code from branch
2008-01-13 Aleksey Bragin- Sync up Mm interface with WinLdr branch (introduce...
2007-06-21 Colin FinckRe-add the "lake.bmp" wallpaper inclusion (partly impor...
2007-03-26 Hervé Poussineau- Move NCI generated files to arch-specific directories
2007-03-08 Aleksey BraginAdd bitmap version of the Lake wallpaper and directory...
2007-03-08 Magnus Olsenwallpaper from harteex
2007-03-08 Magnus OlsenCreated folder wallpaper remotely