move tcpsvcs from the /apps directory to the /services directory
[reactos.git] / reactos / w32api /
2005-10-17 Christoph von Wittichfix compile with gcc
2005-10-17 Hervé PoussineauAdd PCI_WHICHSPACE_CONFIG and PCI_WHICHSPACE_ROM constants
2005-10-17 Christoph von Wittichfix some headers to compile with MSVC
2005-10-16 Magnus OlsenUpdate directx header and correct more info.
2005-10-15 Magnus Olsenforget remove struct _SURFACEALIGNMENT for it have...
2005-10-15 Magnus OlsenFixing directx headers from wine, by adding alot of...
2005-10-15 Magnus Olsenset eol-style : native
2005-10-15 Magnus OlsenFixing directx headers from wine, by adding alot of...
2005-10-14 Magnus OlsenFixing directx headers from wine, by adding alot of...
2005-10-14 Thomas BluemelFixed the declarations of GetFileVersionInfoSizeA/W...
2005-10-12 Thomas Bluemelset eol-style to native
2005-10-12 Gunnar Dalsnesadd stubs to make clamwin run. by Christoph_vW
2005-10-09 Thomas Bluemeladded missing ansi/unicode definitions
2005-10-08 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050930:
2005-10-08 Magnus Olsenprepare for dsound add MAXWAVEDRIVERS and remove #ifdef...
2005-10-08 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050930:
2005-10-08 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050930:
2005-10-08 Magnus OlsenFixing dsdesc stuct with right name from wine
2005-10-07 Magnus Olsenmake ddraw compile again
2005-10-07 Magnus OlsenUpdating ddrawint.h header with some new struct and...
2005-10-06 Thomas Bluemelfixed warnings when compiled with -Wmissing-declarations
2005-10-02 Eric KohlImplement CM_Request_Eject_PC[_Ex].
2005-09-30 Thomas Bluemel- added stubs for authz.dll
2005-09-28 Thomas Bluemeladded some missing APIs
2005-09-28 Thomas Bluemeladd the vista application recovery functions to w32api...
2005-09-28 Thomas Bluemeladded the Longhorn registry APIs to w32api
2005-09-26 Thomas Bluemeldon't use MIXERCONTROLA for unicode builds
2005-09-26 Alex Ionescu- More sharing between ntdll/ntoskrnl: shared Dbg code.
2005-09-25 Eric Kohl- Implement CM_Is_Dock_Station_Present[_Ex]
2005-09-24 Hartmut Birr- Moved the definition of REG_NOTIFY_CLASS from cm...
2005-09-15 Art YerkesTook some advice from alex re: w32api headers. Use...
2005-09-13 Hartmut BirrFixed the declaration of RtlPinAtomInAtomTable.
2005-09-12 Royce Mitchell IIIpatch by Alex_Ionescu - fixes crash in usb driver on...
2005-09-12 Royce Mitchell IIIdocument parameter names
2005-09-11 Alex IonescuMajor refactoring of the exception handling code +...
2005-09-10 Eric KohlImplement CM_Delete_Class_Key[_Ex].
2005-09-10 Eric KohlAdd RegDeleteTreeA/W prototype.
2005-09-07 Gé van GeldorpAdd AC_SRC constants
2005-09-07 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050830:
2005-09-07 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050830:
2005-09-06 Alex Ionescu- Fix the sad sad definition of sizeof(ANSI_NULL) which...
2005-09-06 Alex Ionescu- Use DDK macros to speed up size calculations on singl...
2005-09-06 Alex IonescuA couple more fixes to prepare for the final patch
2005-09-06 Alex Ionescu- Some more MSDDK/IFS compatibility fixes.
2005-09-05 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050830:
2005-09-05 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050830:
2005-09-05 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050830:
2005-09-05 Alex Ionescu- More NDK + MSDDK/IFS Compatibility fixes
2005-09-05 Alex Ionescu- More NDK/MSDDK compatibility fixes.
2005-09-05 Alex Ionescu- NDK compatibility fixes for MSDDK. Use NTAPI instead...
2005-09-04 Alex Ionescu- Fix kernel32 and ntoskrnl build issues.
2005-09-04 Alex Ionescu- Define NTSYSAPI and NTSYSCALLAPI
2005-09-04 Alex Ionescu- Fix incorrect PFILE_MAILSLOT_SET_INFORMATION definition
2005-09-04 Alex Ionescu- Fix incompatible IO_STACK_LOCATION definition in...
2005-09-04 Hervé PoussineauImplement SetComputerNameExA/W
2005-09-03 Eric KohlFix GUID->String conversion.
2005-08-28 Eric KohlImplement CM_Get_Class_Key_Name[_Ex]A/W and CM_Open_Cla...
2005-08-27 Eric KohlImplement StringTableInitializeEx, StringTableGetExtraD...
2005-08-26 Filip NavaraAdd TBMETRICS structure and associated constants.
2005-08-26 Steven EdwardsAdd constants for DBG_CONTROL_C and DBG_CONTROL_BREAK...
2005-08-26 Thomas Bluemelimplemented CreateSymbolicLink() (not tested/verified...
2005-08-25 Thomas Bluemel- added stubs for Set/GetConsoleHistoryInfo(), GetConso...
2005-08-24 Filip NavaraFix the NDIS_RW_LOCK structure.
2005-08-24 Filip NavaraFix few macros to work with the corrected declarations.
2005-08-23 Hervé PoussineauRemove incorrect definition of NLS_MB_CODE_PAGE_TAG...
2005-08-23 Filip NavaraMS DDK compatibility fixes.
2005-08-22 Filip NavaraAdd missing definitions for HalDispatchTable callbacks.
2005-08-17 Alex IonescuMajor cleanup of NDK. I've decided that it would be...
2005-08-16 Alex IonescuRemove all non-official LPC structures/defines/hardcode...
2005-08-15 Steven EdwardsChangelog:
2005-08-14 Royce Mitchell IIIfix declaration of DbgQueryDebugFilterState()
2005-08-13 Magnus Olsensmall clean up. remove double define of COPY_FILE_FAIL_...
2005-08-12 Hartmut BirrFixed _WINBASE_/_WINBASE_H
2005-08-12 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050725:
2005-08-12 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050725:
2005-08-12 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050725:
2005-08-11 Hervé PoussineauBYTE -> UCHAR. Thanks Alex
2005-08-11 Hartmut BirrReplaced _WINBASE_ by _WINBASE_H because some headers...
2005-08-11 Eric KohlThe RpcFinally block must always be executed. Otherwise...
2005-08-11 Hartmut BirrMoved the pragma to the correct position.
2005-08-11 Hervé PoussineauAdd DIF_* codes 40 to 42.
2005-08-11 Steven Edwardsremove ros specific functions from public header
2005-08-11 Alex Ionescu- Fix DEVICE_NODE definition to remove ROS-only fields
2005-08-10 Steven Edwardsenable building shell32_test. some header fixes
2005-08-10 Gunnar Dalsnesmove WM_SYSTIMER where it belongs
2005-08-10 Gunnar Dalsnesadd missing define
2005-08-09 Alex IonescuAdd some DDK limits that were missing
2005-08-08 Art YerkesFixes for various 64-bit hosting problems.
2005-08-07 Filip NavaraFix setupapi build and prototypes.
2005-08-07 Steven Edwardsadd some missing values from Wine
2005-08-07 Steven Edwardsupdated winternl.h, PSDK fixes, etc...
2005-08-07 Steven EdwardsDCX_USESTYLE is a wineism. Dont use it in a header
2005-08-07 Steven Edwardsadded DCX_USESTYLE
2005-08-06 Maarten Bosmaadd case if _NO_COM is defined structure _DDRAWI_DDRAWS...
2005-08-06 Magnus Olsenadd #define DDRAWISURFGBL_NOTIFYWHENUNLOCKED
2005-08-05 Maarten BosmaAdd more DDRAWISURFs and remove useless #ifndefs.
2005-08-05 Maarten Bosmain ddrawgdi.h
2005-08-05 Filip NavaraFix shell32 build.
2005-08-03 Gé van GeldorpSync to Wine-20050628: