No need to define __USE_W32API
[reactos.git] / rosapps / cmdutils /
2007-09-18 Daniel ReimerSet svn:eol-style = native
2007-09-15 Colin FinckMore XML compliance fixes for the .rbuild files by...
2007-03-26 Hervé Poussineau- Move NCI generated files to arch-specific directories
2007-03-01 Alex Ionescu- Fix KiDispatchException to unmask KI_EXCEPTION_INTERN...
2007-02-16 Alex Ionescu- Create KD branch. All debugging support is removed...
2006-10-08 Art YerkesPartially fixed up tree after merge from HEAD. More...
2006-09-10 Aleksey BraginFix inconsistent formatting and other trails of GreatLo...
2006-09-07 Magnus Olsenfixed build for touch again
2006-09-07 Magnus Olsenfixed mode can be compile again.
2006-09-04 Art YerkesBig merge: thanks alex and greatlord. Not a complete...
2006-08-25 Ged Murphymove uptime to rosapps so Alex doesn't blow up into...
2006-07-28 Magnus Olsenrename some file from xml to rbuild.
2006-07-28 Magnus Olsenmaking rosapps build again
2006-07-28 Magnus OlsenMoved cmdutils command more remotely
2006-07-28 Magnus OlsenMoved cmdutils command find remotely
2005-10-26 Brandon TurnerCalculate the screen size correctly. Allow a file...
2005-09-25 Ged MurphySimple implementation of the MS comp utility (remembere...
2005-09-25 Ged MurphySimple implementation of the MS comp utility
2005-09-25 Emanuele Aliberticmdutils: a program a directory.
2005-09-02 Hervé PoussineauRemove DbgPrint statements as they were not executed...
2005-08-28 Hervé PoussineauRemove warnings
2005-07-29 Emanuele AlibertiMore details in the rosapps makefile message.
2005-07-24 Martin Fuchsset eol-style for XML files in rosapps
2005-06-15 Maarten Bosmadelete .cvsignore
2005-06-15 Maarten Bosmaremove old makefile
2005-06-15 Maarten BosmaCreated XML makefiles for rosapps. You need to checkout...
2005-05-28 Casper HornstrupMerge 12735:15568 from xmlbuildsystem branch
2005-05-27 Casper HornstrupMerge 15329:15546 from trunk
2005-05-27 Casper HornstrupCopy rpoolmgr.h from trunk
2005-05-16 Casper HornstrupMerge 15268:15329 from trunk
2005-05-14 Casper HornstrupMerge 14981:15268 from trunk
2005-05-13 Casper HornstrupCopy w32api from trunk
2005-05-12 Casper HornstrupMerge 12736:14980 from trunk
2005-05-07 Steven Edwardsremove trailing whitespace at end of lines
2005-05-05 Casper HornstrupMerge 14551:14980 from trunk
2005-05-05 Casper HornstrupCopy wininet to branch
2005-05-01 Martin Fuchsmerge ROS Shell without integrated explorer part into...
2005-04-10 Casper HornstrupMerge 13831:14550 from trunk
2005-04-08 Casper HornstrupCopy riched20
2005-04-08 Casper HornstrupCopy makefile
2005-04-05 Steven Edwardsuse -D__USE_W32API
2005-03-16 Hervé PoussineauChristoph von Wittich <>
2005-03-05 Casper HornstrupCopy msiexec from trunk
2005-03-05 Casper HornstrupMerge 13511:13830 from trunk
2005-02-16 Steven EdwardsAdd EOL to make gcc shutup.
2005-02-15 Casper HornstrupMerge 13159:13510 from trunk
2005-02-15 Casper HornstrupCopy msimg32
2005-02-12 Casper HornstrupBranch setupapi (again)
2005-01-25 Alex IonescuFix compiler errors. Patch by Herve Poussineau. Fixes...
2004-10-16 Gé van GeldorpCentralize definition of version resource
2004-07-18 The ReactOS TeamThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2004-07-15 The ReactOS TeamThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2004-02-16 The ReactOS TeamThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2003-10-23 Vizzinimore.c:
2003-07-06 Steven Edwardsupdate cvsingnore files
2003-02-24 Hartmut Birr- Fixed a bug within the parameter check.
2003-01-15 Robert DickensonMainly standardisation of makefiles, now support make...
2002-11-10 Robert Dickensoncommitting more developments.
2002-10-16 Robert DickensonAdded some support for the MODE command.
2002-10-03 Steven EdwardsNew line fix for gcc 3.x
2002-09-22 guidoadded port of freedos find command
2002-09-13 guidoPorted SORT command form FreeDOS
2002-09-09 Steven Edwardsadded patch submitted by Guido de Jong
2002-09-03 Casper HornstrupDon't try to build modules that won't build.
2002-08-25 Robert DickensonFixes for building with __MINGW32_VERSION 2.1
2002-04-03 Steven EdwardsAdded BSD touch utillity.
2001-07-28 Emanuele Aliberticmd, more, tee, y, notevil, sysutils linked to msvcrt...
2000-12-19 Emanuele AlibertiVersion resource added to the command line utilities...
1999-11-05 Eric KohlNew Y command and some fixes.
1999-10-03 Eric KohlMinor fixes.
1999-09-27 Eric KohlAdded MORE command.
1999-09-24 Eric KohlMinor fixes.
1999-09-12 Eric KohlExternal TEE command.